Children have over £6,000 worth of toys!

While the average 10-year-old a small fortune of toys, only £330.15 worth gets played with, new research says


The average 10-year-old owns more than 230 toys, worth around £6,603, according to new research.
However, the study of 3,000 parents also revealed that children are only playing with around £330.15 worth of their toys. That’s just 12 toys or 5% of their collection a day.


“Parents can’t help but indulge their children, and there’s nothing nicer than seeing a child show pleasure and gratitude for a new toy,” said Neil Gray, from, who commissioned the research.

“But different toys have appeal for different reasons – some toys, such as play houses, board games or construction kits, are timeless and therefore have real longevity, others will come and go depending on the playground craze of the moment or peer pressure.
“So it stands to reason that while a child will love any toy when they are first given it, they are bound to play with some more than others.”
The poll also revealed that many mums and dads believe their child receives a staggering £660.30 worth of toys every single year, spending up to £356.74 on birthday and Christmas presents alone.

The average 10-year-old is likely to own the following collection of toys:



14 x Construction sets 
14 x Board games       
33 x Cars                   
12 x Train tracks/sets  
16 x Puzzles               
13 x Dressing up         
21 x Action figures      
28 x Vehicles              
12 x Car tracks / sets  
29 x Cuddly toys         
17 x Dolls and playsets
16 x Arts and crafts sets
13 x Robotic / electronic

TOTAL                 =          238 TOYS


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