Danielle and Jamie's vital stats:

  • Danielle Lloyd, born 16 December 1983
  • Jamie O'Hara, born 25 September 1986

Danielle and Jamie's children:

  • Archie O'Hara, born 11 July 2010
  • Harry James O'Hara, born 13 July 2011
  • George O'Hara, born 29 August 2013

2009 - 2013

Danielle Lloyd and Spurs footballer Jamie O'Hara first went public with their relationship at the beginning of 2009. They announced their engagement on December 1 2009.

The former Miss England model and Celebrity Big Brother contestant confirmed she was 4 months pregnant with her 1st child in March 2010, after hinting via Twitter that she couldn't stop eating! The pregnancy came as quite a shock to Danielle and her new fiancee Jamie because Danielle was once told she couldn't have children.

Throughout her pregnancy, Danielle was keen to show off her baby bump and even caused controversy by wearing killer high heels to a glitzy London event.

Danielle gave birth to a baby boy, Archie on 11 July 2010. Archie weighed 8lb 4oz. "So emotional, best day of our lives!" tweeted Danielle at the time.

She also tweeted about being upset at leaving Archie for the first time a few weeks later.

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Danielle called off her summer 2011 wedding after admitting on TV that she battled with postnatal depression (PND) after the birth of Archie.

"I was taking care of the baby and I wasn't concentrating on myself. You don't want to admit there is anything wrong," Danielle said.

Danielle and Jamie went for couples counselling and their relationship has been back on track ever since. Jamie even had a tribute tattoo done on his forearm of baby Archie's face and the couple announced they were having a 2nd child together!

The couple then experienced a pregnancy scare and Danielle had to spend 3 nights in hospital after suffering severe stomach pains. Throughout, Danielle kept her fans up-to-date using her favourite social networking site - Twitter.

10 weeks before her due date, Danielle recreated Demi Moore's famous nude pregnancy shoot for Closer magazine. "It makes me feel so sexy! I don't think your baby bump should be hidden under baggy clothes - it's beautiful and I'm proud of it," Danielle said.

Days later, Danielle delivered her 2nd baby, Harry James, 10 weeks early. Hubby Jamie tweeted the news, "Danielle has delivered our baby this morning, 4lbs 4oz, 10 weeks early. Baby and Dan are OK, I'm just letting the hospital look after them."

Following her premature birth, Danielle has kept everyone updated on Harry James' progress in hospital via Twitter again, posting "Might be able to dress Harry today for the first time X" and "Just at the hospital having cuddles with Harry feeling very emotional but it feels great."

On Monday 15 August 2011, Danielle announced on Twitter, "Harry IS home! Can't believe it 5 long weeks & we have our family complete thanks everyone for all our support! He is just simple (sic) amazing X" tweeted the mum-of-two.

"He is our little Miracle it's been tough but nothing compares to the happiness we are feeling right now X," she added.

Jamie and Danielle welcomed their 3rd child, a son named George O'Hara, on 29 August 2013.

2014 onwards

In December 2014, Jamie and Danielle were granted a 'quick' divorce after separating due to allegations of footballer Jamie cheating on her numerous times.

In December 2016, Danielle shared a gorgeous snap of her 3 boys wearing their Christmas jumpers for school...

In January 2017, it was revealed Jamie had become a contestant on Channel 5 reality series Celebrity Big Brother.

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