EastEnders baby swap storyline comes to an emotional end

The soap's controversial plot finally comes to a climax after the baby is returned to his real mum

When the EastEnders storyline involving a main character losing her baby to cot death and then swapping him with another newborn was first announced, it caused a mixed reaction with EastEnders viewers.


However, despite the producer saying it would be “believable“, the episode received a flurry of complaints and even caused main characters Samantha Womack and Patsy Palmer to quit.

Due to the volume of complaints, the plot has finally come to an emotional end after months of dragging on. Last night, viewers saw the character Kat Slater reunited with her baby son, Tommy, after he was taken from his cot and swapped with character Ronnie Mitchell’s dead baby in the New Year’s Eve episode.

The tear-jerking show saw Ronnie turn herself into the police after handing the baby to Kat, explaining how she’d swapped the babies. Kat and her husband Alfie Moon had a paternity test to confirm the baby was theirs and then took him home after months of thinking he was dead.


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