Facebook lifts breastfeeding photo ban

#FreeTheNipple campaign celebrates a victory for sharing pictures of breastfeeding


Facebook has changed its guidelines to allow users to post pictures of breastfeeding.


Here at MadeForMums, we’ve been reporting how social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have been removing photos in which nipples are visible, as they apparently ‘violated policies on nudity and obscenity’.

But the #FreeTheNipple campaign has been gathering momentum over the past few months with celebrities including Bruce Willis’s wife Emma Heming-Willis, actress Jaime King and even supermodel Gisele lending their support by posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding.

And now it seems the campaign has claimed its first victory, with Facebook instructing its moderators to consider the context of a photo or image, and allow non-sexual photos, including female nipples, that feature breastfeeding mothers or women with mastectomies.

Almost as soon as the news was out,  Blogger Paa.la shared this photo (above) on her Facebook page to celebrate the change. We think it’s lovely!

What do you think of the new policy? Will you be posting a picture of yourself breastfeeding on Facebook?

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