Fergie: in no rush to ‘lose babyweight’

Black Eyed Peas star talks about birth of Axl Jack


Her son Axl Jack might only be three months old but Fergie is already back at work – with an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres US TV chat show.


During the show, Fergie said she’s in no great rush to lose her baby weight, in the focused, frenzied way some other new-mum celebs seem to.

“I’m trying, I’m slowly getting back into it,” she told Ellen, according to Daily Mail. “I’m doing some belly-dancing yoga.

“I’m kind of going, oh, ok. I’ve got to go slowly. I just don’t want to get hurt and all that, so I’m taking it step by step.”

The singer also talked about the moment Axl Jack was born by C-section.

“It was really special, she says. “I see [her husband] Josh’s face. They’re pulling Axl out. I can’t feel anything. I’m all-numb.

“And I see Josh and he’s going ‘Aww’ and he’s giving the faces and I’m going ‘wow, I’m so happy’, this moment it’s so special, so tender.”

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