Forward facing buggies and carriers are “cruel”

Australian expert claims carrying your baby in a forward facing position is "cruel, stressful and terrifying"


Cathrine Folwer, a health expert in Australia, has claimed that parents who carry their babies outward facing in a sling or carrier or in a forward facing buggy are cruel and selfish. As you’d expect, this extreme opinion has stirred up controversy amongst midwives and mums.


“Parents have enough to worry and feel guilty about without considering which way they push their child in a stroller,” said Robin Barker, a midwife in Australia and author of Baby Love.

“I don’t think there is an issue with letting children experience the world before they are 12 months old,” said Robin, reports the Daily Mail.

Robin believes that as long as babies are loved and fed, the direction of their pushchair is irrelevant.

Cathrine’s opinion has supposedly been backed up by a study from 2008, where research found that babies suffer if they can’t see their parents while in a buggy.

However, it’s been pointed out that Cathrine’s principle might only apply to newborn babies and isn’t true for babies over 3 months.
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