Frankie Bridge confuses fans with baby pic

The Saturdays singer's due date isn't until August…


Frankie Bridge sent Instagram into a meltdown this week when she posed for a selfie with a newborn. The Saturdays singer looks thrilled as she cradles the tiny baby in the snap – leading fans to think that she’d already given birth to her second child.


“Congratulations! Xx,” one user wrote. “So beautiful and amazing wow so cute. Wishing you and your beautiful family beautiful and great weekend,” another added.

But while Frankie didn’t directly address the mix-up, she commented: “Last weekend I got to hang out with this little petal. Finally!!! ❤️”

So we think it’s safe to assume she’s the baby of one of Frankie’s friends or relatives. It was an easy mistake for fans to make as the 26-year-old is pregnant with her second child with husband Wayne – but isn’t due until August.


Although she’s still got 3 months to wait until becoming a mum-of-2, Frankie is already trying to get her head around what a change it’ll be – starting with packing for a holiday!

“Packing for a holiday with a toddler for the first time is both an exciting and very stressful experience! Can I just take the whole house?!” she tweeted. “… Once number 2 comes along. Camping in the garden is just going to have to do! “

Aww, we’re sure you’ll manage somehow. Two words: wet wipes!

Photos: Instagram / Frankie Bridge

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