Frankie Bridge takes sofa break from Strictly Come Dancing with baby Parker

Saturdays singer and son do some couch potatoing after busy week of rehearsals


After rehearsing all week for her performance on Strictly Come Dancing, we’re not surprised Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge was feeling a bit tired. And what better way to spend her time off then slobbing on the sofa with her 11-month-old baby boy?


Reclining with one arm folded behind her head, it seems her son has inherited Frankie’s favourite veg out position!

“Like mother like son #caught,” she commented.


After that well-earned rest, the mum-of-1’s energetic Charleston to classic TV theme Happy Days was a big hit on Saturday night’s show.

“Can finally say a massive thank you to everybody that voted for me and ‪@keviclifton to stay in ‪@bbcstrictly hope we make you proud next week,” she tweeted.

We’re sure you’ll make baby Parker proud Frankie!

Photos: Instagram / Francesca Bridge

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