Gay couple in US beat state laws to adopt TWELVE children

Meet the Arizona pair giving Brangelina a run for their money


A gay couple in the US state of Arizona are even bigger adoption addicts than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, reports the Daily Mail. The pair, who adopted their first child in 2003, have fostered a whopping 42 children over the years and now have a family of 12 adopted children.


The state of Arizona is an unusual choice for two gay men to start a family, as gay marriages are banned and gay couples cannot legally adopt. But Roger and Steven Ham have fought hard for the right to become parents.

Only two of their 12 children, born in Washington State, have both dads’ names on their birth certificates. The other 10, all adopted in Arizona, legally belong only to Steven. But the two men are equal parents, sharing the duties of looking after their big family. Daddy Steven is on the morning shift and Papa Roger takes over after school when he gets back from work.

House rules are strict but the dads encourage their children to be themselves. “It’s pretty smooth,” Steven told the Arizona Republic. “There are little hiccups. Every family has that. We don’t judge.”

And the children certainly seem happy. “Most of my friends think that having two dads is different, and I like to be different,” said 12-year-old Elizabeth, while her sister Madison, 8, said, “I’m lucky. I have two dads who love me.”

“Sure, there are days when I’m ripping my hair our,” Steven added, “but I wouldn’t change it for anything.” Sounds like a pretty normal family then!

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