Here at MFM, we do love a celeb chat here and there when we get the chance.


And so we were seriously happy when superstar singer Heidi Range took some time out of judging products at our MFM awards to talk all things parenting ?

As well as finding out about some of Heidi's star baby products (to be revealed soon), we really wanted to ask about the story of her 1-year-old daughter's absolutely beautiful name: Aurelia Honey.

And we were not disappointed with the intel...

Heidi chose to find out the sex of her baby, so knew she was having a girl, and told us: "Me and my husband were watching Love Actually at Christmas just before she was born and one of the characters was called Aurelia.

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"I'd never noticed her name before, and as soon as they said her name in the film we both picked up on it... and we both just loved it, and we were like, 'that's her name now'."

Now, in case you're trying to picture which character Aurelia is - it's the girl who ended up with Colin Firth's character... here's a pic to remind you...


You remember now, right??

Prior to this, Heidi tells us they were planning to use the name India - also a fab name (and Heidi's middle name).

But the fact that the Sugababes song Too Lost In You features in the movie - and that it's one of Heidi's fave films ever (we are with her on that!) - mades it all seem like fate.

"People were asking, 'Has India been born?' and it was like, 'actually - her name's Aurelia!'" Heidi revealed.

"It means a lot to me, that film, and it has one of my favourite songs in it that we did - so it's got an extra special meaning now."


Images: Rekha Dahmar / YouTube

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