How counting kicks saved Emma Crosby’s baby

Channel 5 news presenter Emma Crosby noticed her daughter stopped moving


When Sky News presenter Emma Crosby was pregnant with her daughter, she noticed “something had changed” in her baby’s movements and her quick actions saved her baby’s life.


Emma, 38, said she got to the hospital “just in the nick of time” as her daughter Mary, now 3, swallowed her meconium and became distressed in the womb.

Earlier that day, Emma noticed her baby wasn’t as active as usual and went to hospital for a checkup, but was told everything was ok and sent home.

After visiting the Kicks Count website, Emma knew how important it was to monitor your baby’s movements and continued to keep count of her baby’s kicks.


Later that night Emma noticed the baby hadn’t moved for 2 hours and rushed back to hospital.

Medical staff found the baby’s heartbeat but then her heart rate dropped and the baby was delivered by emergency C-section.

“I’m so very grateful that I knew about the importance of monitoring foetal movement, otherwise Mary might not be with us today, which is a terrifying thought,” said Emma, who is now an ambassador for Kicks Count.

All mums-to-be should get to know their baby’s own regular pattern of movement – Kicks Count say movements vary from 4 to 100 every hour.

But if you notice a decrease in your baby’s regular movement – always contact your midwife.

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