Who can forget the crusade superstar chef Jamie Oliver went on a few years ago to try and sort our kids' school dinners out, eh?


He got Turkey Twizzlers taken off the menu and put his heart and soul into ensuring school meals were healthier for all: he even took his campaign to the US (it didn't work out quite so well there but, hey, he tried).

But now it seems there's another school staple he wants taken off the menu – and we're wondering if, this time, Jamie's gone too far.

Apparently, according to the Telegraph, he's now said (or, to be fair, his Jamie Oliver Food Foundation has said) that the humble school bake sale is sending out the wrong message to kids about what we should be eating. ? ? ?

In a new report, compiled with researchers at Sheffield University, the Foundation takes deliberate aim at the school cake stall, and possibly even birthday cakes ?, saying, "The culture of high fat and sugary foods used as rewards, in fundraising and in celebrations, is creating social and physical environments that contradict children’s food education."

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We have to say, we can't quite see a quinoa and avocado salad selling as well as a lovely slab of Red Velvet at our kids' school community fundraiser.

And as for celebrations, of course you have to have cake for a birthday party, don't you???? ? ? ?

After all, a little bit of what you fancy does you good...

What do you think?

Is it fair enough for Jamie's foundation to make these comments after all his hard work on school meals?

Or have they gone a step too far? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Pic: Jamie Oliver on Instagram

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