Jennifer Hudson – “My son thinks he’s a dog!”

Singer and actress reveals her barking son David’s delight for canines

Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson has revealed that the noise in her house isn’t because of her 7-month-old son David crying – it’s because he’s growling like a dog instead!


She confesses that the baby has grown so close to the family pets, he thinks barking is the best way to communicate. “The baby loves the dogs. He’s always trying to play with them and he thinks he’s one of them,” 28-year-old Jen told Access Hollywood. “He even growls like the dogs and I’m like, ‘Are you growling?’”


The confused baby tries to talk ‘dog’ language to other babies and even to the food on his plate! “We were on the plane the other day and he was growling at the broccoli that he was playing with. He was like, ‘Arrrr!’ He growls at the other babies and he thinks that how you’re supposed to communicate,” Jennifer mused.

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