Jennifer Lopez’s son makes airport dash

J.Lo shows when it comes to runaway children, she can keep her cool. She might just loser her diva tag…


Jennifer Lopez’s 4-year-old son Max tested J.Lo’s patience yesterday when he tried to make a run for it at LAX airport.


Returning from a trip to Brazil Jen, 42, and new boyfriend Casper, 24, had comfortably got Max’s twin sister Emme into the waiting car. But little Max didn’t look too impressed by the idea. Wriggling his way out of Jen’s arms, Max made a dash seemingly back towards the airport, a video from the Daily Mail shows.

J.Lo played the cool card, as she simply stood and waited for Max to come back. Granted she had a bit of help from her security who wrestled Max back to mum, in her seriously high heels.

Twin sister Emme, who was comfortably sat with Casper and what appears to be a teddy, looked a bit fed up by her brother’s antics. A passing toddler also gave him an odd look of surprise at his sudden outburst. Looks like he’s lost some serious kid-cool points there. 

Having cost his parents a fair bit of money for previous toilet antics in a swimming pool, Max is one star kid who behaves his age. Finally!


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