Finding out you're pregnant can be such an exciting time: though, there can be a hint of worry and and anxiety about it too, mainly around whether everything is OK and if your baby is healthy.


And these concerns are amplified if you've previously had a miscarriage - as former Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham has been speaking so openly about in the last few days.

On her blog, Mother of Maniacs, Jessica, already mum to 3 girls from a previous relationship, announced she is pregnant with partner Alex Daw. She revealed that she's expecting not long after sharing her devastating news that she had gone through a miscarriage.

Speaking about what happened, she says a couple of weeks after getting a positive pregnancy test result she just didn't feel right....

'What I feared would happen started to happen'

"I decided to go to the gym, my lower back had not stopped hurting in the night and I thought exercise would be good to ease it," she writes.

"Arriving at the gym and doing a pre-workout wee (like you do), what I had feared would happen, started to happen.

"There was bright red blood. Instantly I freaked out, my heart started to race, panic set in knowing that if this was miscarriage then there is nothing that could be done, except let nature take its course and that there would be no baby."

Jessica's rainbow baby

Now pregnant again, Jessica has said that when she realised she was expecting she felt '"instantly sick and panicky about having another miscarriage".

She added: "That’s the thing with getting pregnant after a miscarriage. You are stopped from allowing yourself to fully enjoy those moments of excitement."

We're not sure when exactly Jessica's baby's due - though as she's now shared her news, we reckon she's probably past the 3-month stage.

That means her 'rainbow' baby is probably due sometime in the summer. Warm congratulations to her whole family ❤️

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Pic: Jessica Cunningham on Instagram

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