Joy as 2-week-old baby is recovered from Turkish earthquake rubble

Baby girl reunited with mum after miraculously surviving two days in the rubble of Turkey's earthquake.


Rescue workers reunited a 2-week-old baby girl with her mum and grandma, after she became trapped in rubble from the devastating earthquake in Turkey on Sunday.


Little Azra Karaduman was freed from under a collapsed building in the eastern city of Ercis yesterday. Greeted by cheering onlookers, the baby girl was taken to a hospital in Ankara for checks.

Azra had been trapped next to her mum and grandmother, who were also found alive and freed just hours later.

It’s believed that a bakery on the ground floor of the shattered building could have saved the family by keeping them warm at night.

“Bringing them out is such a happiness,” said rescuer Oytun Gulpinar, reports the Metro.

“I wouldn’t be happier if they gave me tonnes of money,” Oytun added.

Sadly, Azra’s dad is still missing as rescuers race against the clock to save others trapped in the debris.

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