Keira Knightley supports stay-at-home mums

Actress says stay-at-home parenting should not be sneered at


Keira Knightley has revealed her support for stay-at-home parents.


The actress, who’s currently starring in Anna Karenina, said although she wouldn’t choose to be a stay-at home mum, people should be able to choose to do so without being criticised.

“Would I want to be a stay-at-home mother? No,” Keira told Vogue according to E! News.

“On the other hand, you should be allowed to do that, as should men, without being sneered at,” she added.

Keira, who recently got engaged to Klaxons star James Righton, was quick to quash pregnancy rumours earlier this month. 

“People keep trying to make me pregnant! I’m not ready for it,” she said, “Yes, I’d love to at some point but not this quick, stop trying to make me pregnant.”


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