Kristen Stewart reveals why she can’t wait to be a mum

Twilight stars open up about working with a baby in new movie


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have talked openly about their love of babies on screen!


The Twilight stars, who are both on and off-screen lovers, reportedly shared their thoughts on babies while promoting the last installment of the Twilight franchise, according to Us Weekly.

When asked about starting a family of her own, Kristen replied, “Dude, no. I can’t wait to be a mum, but like, no. I can wait.”

Kristen said that while motherhood is on hold for now, she loved playing mum to daughter Renesmee in the film.

“I think that it might be something that you are born with. Some people have really, really strong natural instincts and desires to be a mum,” Kristin said.

“That was one of my favourite things about the story,” she explained. “It was one aspect of [Bella] that I was really excited to play.”

Kristen’s co-star boyfriend Robert Pattinson also revealed that he loved playing the role of a father.

“I actually quite like working with kids and I like working with animals,which everybody says you shouldn’t do,” he said.

“Especially working with a baby is great. I would say, put a baby in every scene.”

It seems as if RPatz and KStew are getting broody! The couple have previously been surrounded by rumours that they are planning a family together, and it seems as if even that birth scene hasn’t put them off! 


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