Kym Marsh: Why I think Cheryl’s keeping mum on her ‘pregnancy’

The Corrie actress revealed why she reckons Cheryl's yet to confirm or deny those rumours


It’s no secret that Cheryl’s refused to talk about her ‘pregnancy’ news.


The former Girls Aloud singer has famously not confirmed or denied that she and boyfriend Liam Payne are expecting their 1st child together.

Despite this, after a (quite telling) outing to a Christmas Carol concert and still no announcement, outpourings of congratulations from friends and fans alike came her way anyway.

But it did leave many with one question: why no big announcement?

Corrie actress Kym Marsh has offered a reason why Cheryl might not want to speak publicly on the matter.

Kym, who has 3 children, wrote about the much-loved celeb’s all-but-confirmed pregnancy a recent column for OK! magazine.

She began:

“When Cheryl stepped out wearing a tight dress with her coat undone showing a big bump, it was confirmation enough that she’s expecting!

“I know some people think she should just come out and say it, but pregnancy can be scary – take it from someone who knows more than most.

“Perhaps Cheryl hasn’t wanted to shout it from the rooftops and wants to keep it private,” Kym mused. 

“When you are in the public eye, people want to know about every bit of your life and it’s hard to keep things private.

“I think when Cheryl was pictured looking happy and proud with Liam [Payne] last week, it was her way of letting people know.”

We reckon Kym might be on to something here. And that she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

Her son Archie Jay was tragically stillborn in 2009 – and when she announced her pregnancy with daughter Polly in 2010, Kym understandably wanted to keep it all very low profile.

It seems there’s the expectation of a BIG announcement for celebs – but for the rest of us mere mortals, shouting about our news usually involves posting something cute on Facebook and gradually letting all of our work colleagues know to avoid any *awkward* situations. Nothing flashy.

That said, we can totally understand why anyone – celeb or non-celeb – would want to keep their pregnancy private.

What do you think?

Did you announce your news in a big way? Or did you just start showing and expected everyone to connect the dots?

Were you keen to talk about your pregnancy to people, or were you much more hush-hush about it?

Let us know on Facebook, or in the comments below!

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