The last 72 hours haven’t done much to dispel the persistent pregnancy rumours around Cheryl, 33, and her One Direction beau Liam Payne.


Pictures of the couple looking happy and relaxed at the St James Christmas Carol Concert yesterday sparked even more (if that’s possible) speculation that they’re expecting their 1st child together.

And Cheryl’s former X Factor colleague Brian Friedman, the show’s choreographer, appeared to ‘confirm’ the news in an interview with new! magazine earlier this week.

But that’s not all…

Despite the fact Cheryl’s yet to announce anything – and has notably declined to comment either way several times - Piers Morgan congratulated her anyway during this morning’s episode of Good Morning Britain.

“Congratulations Cheryl,” said the dad-of-4. “Cheryl if you’re watching, you can’t kid a kidder.

“You’re pregnant, get on with announcing it. We are very happy for you.”

It seems there were many (most likely well-intentioned) warm wishes coming from the Good Morning Britain studio, though presenter Susanna Reid did question whether it was the right time for the team to send their best…

“Is it reasonable at this point to say ‘are you pregnant’? There’s no longer a food baby!”

Whatever’s going on here – we really hope that Cheryl doesn’t feel pressure to announce or deny anything.


According to celeb journalist Dan Wootton, speaking on this morning's episode of Lorraine, Cheryl has confirmed the (if true, very happy) news to her nearest and dearest.

"Cheryl’s told close friends and family," he revealed, as reported by the MailOnline.

"I think everyone knows the battles she’s gone through in her personal life, the fact she so desperately wanted this for so many years, and it didn’t come."

Cheryl is said to be 'totally ecstatic, happy' - and it's thought that she won't comment on the matter publicly at all (as is her right).

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And as Susanna asks, do you think it's ever OK to say: are you pregnant?

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