From Apple and Bear to North and Brooklyn, celebrities have been naming their babies after nature and places for years.


And it seems the baby names that we more normal folk choose might be about to get just as unusual.

American baby name website Nameberry, has monitored what names prospective parents in 2014 are searching for most and has found a lot of nature-inspired monikers.

The top 10 for girls includes names inspired by plants: Ivy, Hazel, Violet and Freesia. More unusual is Lettice – an English variation of Letitia that sounds suspiciously like lettuce.

Parents expecting daughters are also looking to geography for the names: Nile after the river in Egypt, Columbia from the female personification of America and Oceana that means simply ‘ocean’.

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Parents-to-be have been looking at the atlas to get inspiration for boys’ names too. Everest is inspired by the Earth’s highest mountain, and Santiago is the name of a city in Chile.

Less grandiose, is Gower – the name of a particularly beautiful peninsula in south Wales.

Staying on the seaside theme, Beach is also rising in popularity.

What do you think of this latest baby name trend?

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MadeForMums Writer - Jessica Gibb