Baby name trends 2014: Thor, Emhily and Brooklyn?

Unconventional spellings, TV namesakes and the letter ‘y’


It might only be January, but we’re already predicting some of the biggest baby name trends for the year ahead.


According to US based website, Belly Ballot, unconventional spellings of traditional names including Mykel, Riyan, Karder, Izak, Emhily, BrookeLynn and Meeya will be popular in 2014.

The site, where parents can post potential names and have the public vote on their choices, also predicts names from TV and films such as Piper from Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Thor from the Marvel movies and Ichabod and Katrina from Johnny Depp film Sleepy Hollow will be popular.

Names with Apostrophes such as A’merika, Shau’Nay, Mich’ele, Rene’e and D’Kota are also trending.

Meanwhile, according to name blog, names with the letter ‘y’ have emerged as a trend.

Among the list are: Adilyn, Brooklyn, Emery, Layla, Lily, Maya. Naythyn and Rylee.

What do you think of the names?

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