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MadeForMums on social media: where to find us and what we do

As well as a website with loads of helpful parenting tips, MadeForMums also has a really lively and friendly social media presence. Find out where to join in...

Published: January 29, 2020 at 4:06 pm

Here at MadeForMums, we have 1 key aim: to help parents and parents-to-be make confident choices when it comes to all things pregnancy and parenting. And, when we're pulling together the expert advice, latest info and carefully tested product reviews we're renowned for, it's really important to us to hear from mums, dads, mums-to-be and dads-to-be, too: we want to hear what you think, what you've heard and what you've tried out.


With this in mind, we're always busy on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – and we love it when you like and share our posts, and comment with your thoughts and experiences or direct-message us about stuff you're passionate about.

Here's where you can find us, and how you can get involved:

MadeForMums on Instagram

What you'll find on our Instagram:

  • Real-life parenting pics and videos from mums in our own community and the wider social media world
  • Giveaways and news about our competitions
  • The lowdown on what the team's up to (at the Baby Show, say or judging our MadeForMums Awards)
  • Out-and-about stories from external events
  • Sneak peaks of new products
  • Celeb parenting stories

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MadeForMums on Facebook

What you'll find on our Facebook:

  • Links to our articles, including the latest research-based parenting advice
  • The lowdown on the latest flash sales for baby products, toys and pregnancy stuff
  • Updates on scams, safety issues and product recalls
  • Lots of inspiration and interaction about 'special' days, from World Book Day to Hallowe'en – and a chance to share YOUR pictures
  • Debates about 'hot' parenting topics –where you can have your say

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MadeForMums on YouTube


What you'll find on our YouTube channel:

  • Our product reviews brought to life: look at parents mums testing (and folding!) buggies and other parenting must-buys
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Weaning diaries
  • Step-by-step craft videos

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MadeForMums on Twitter

madeformums twitter page

What you'll find on our Twitter page:

  • The lowdown on what the team's up to (at the Baby Show, say or judging our MadeForMums Awards)
  • Out-and-about stories from external events
  • Links to our articles, including the latest research-based parenting advice

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MadeForMums on Pinterest

madeformums on pinterest

What you'll find on our Pinterest boards:

  • recipe ideas
  • Halloween inspiration
  • nursery looks
  • kids' party ideas and decorations

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And then there are our MadeForMums podcasts...

madeformums podcasts

We have a number of podcast series, which you can find wherever you listen to podcasts, including 1 on pregnancy and 1 featuring interactive stories for toddlers.

Check out all the MadeForMums podcasts

Other ways you can be part of our MadeForMums community:

Join our Chat forum

On our friendly and supportive MadeForMums Chat forum, you can share life's highs and lows with others who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant at the same time as you, or who have children the same age.

Sign up for product tests

Keen to know about any opportunity to test parenting products? Then keep an eye on the Product Tests area of our Chat forum. Here you'll find regular chances to test a range of parenting and pregnancy goods – from car seats and pampering products to toys, school uniform and more.

Become a home tester

We select our MadeForMums home testers from people who leave reviews on our site: the more useful your reviews, the more likely is we'll ask you to home-test some of the products we have in our testing room, including buggies, clothing, pregnancy gear, and gadgets like thermometers and baby monitors.

Meet us at The Baby Show

The 3-day Baby Show event takes place 3 times a year – twice in London and once in Birmingham – and a big part of it is the MadeForMums buggy-testing track, where you can road-test prams on a number of surfaces, including up-and-down ramps, to see if they'll fit in with your family's life. The MadeForMums team are always at each show and we absolutely love meeting everyone – so please stop by and say hello!




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