Here at MFM HQ, we've noticed a fair few stories of mums-to-be wanting to make sure they look their best for labour - and the first pics with their new arrival.


Recently we shared a story about one mum who went as far as getting her slap on while in labour (she actually said it helped take her mind off the contractions - whatever works, we say ?).

But this latest pre-birth beauty question, from TOWIE's Maria Fowler, has really got fans riled.

Maria took to Twitter to ask followers: "Anyone know where in Derby I can get really good lash extensions in September ready for due date pls? Gotta look nice on hospital pics ? ??"

But there was almost instant backlash (pun intended) as one tweeter said: "That really will be the last thing you're worrying about."

Another said: "Seriously that would be the last thing I'd worry about, u will be in so much pain u won't even care what u look like [sic]."

Maria went into defensive mode pretty quickly, tweeting back: "I want individual lashes not makeup on. Why the moral high ground over looking natural? You won't get a medal for it."

A few fans came to Maria's defence, one saying: "Omg you'll be judged for brushing your... teeth at birth next. Why are people so anal?"

Another agreed: "My waters broke before I went into labour so I used that time to shave everywhere and put a face on! Always helps to feel good."

We can kind of see both sides to this one - if looking good perks you up a bit while you prepare for and then go into labour - is there any harm?

On the other hand, we do kind of agree that once you're in the full throes of having a baby, how fluttery your eyelashes are probably isn't exactly the first thing on your mind...

What do you think?

Were you worried about looking nice during labour or was that the last thing on your mind? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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