Michelle Heaton on Kimye: ‘I wouldn’t pawn off my children to a minder’

Singer Michelle Heaton questions Kim Kardashian’s parenting choice but agree parents needs time away from their kids


Celebrity mum Michelle Heaton has apparently joined the chorus of critics criticising Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for globetrotting without their baby, North West.


“Apparently, Kim and Kanye have been travelling around the world, leaving their baby daughter North with nannies,” Michelle wrote in her OK! Online blog  “No matter how much money I had, I would never pawn off my child to a minder.”

Michelle recently holidayed with her family in Disneyland (where the picture, above, was taken) but the mum-of-2 also admits that “as parents, we deserve a bit of rest and relaxation” – so she and husband Hugh Hanley arrange 1 or 2 ‘date nights’ a month, alongside a yearly short break without their children, 2-year old Faith and 4-month old AJ.

“I defy anyone who says they never need time alone with their partner,” she said. “It’s imperative to a happy marriage – which equals a happy home and happy children.” 

Photo: Twitter/Michelle Heaton

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