We’d not heard much of Aussie model and telly presenter Rebecca Judd - until she posted an Instagram that totally spoke to us.


The wife of former Aussie pro footballer Chris Judd is currently 34 weeks pregnant with twin boys… and admitted that she’s more than a bit ready to meet her babies.

In a sunny snap, Rebecca captured her bump from up high while she lay on a sun lounger, with a pool stretched out before her.


But while the picture looks idyllic, the caption was far from it…

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“Alright you two - get out,” she wrote. “You're killlin me. #housebound #cantmove #whatstorm?”

In another pregnancy update pic posted just last week - when she was 33 weeks along - Rebecca revealed how much her twin boys are weighing…

“Suns out, tum's out. My boys are measuring 5 pounds each at 33 weeks ? That's ten pounds of baby in there and I'm not done yet. Sh$t is getting cray? #mightneedawheelchairsoon #canbreedem #waddlewaddle”


While being pregnant is an experience many of us love… there does come a point for some of us where enough is enough ?

And with 10lb twins who are still growing, we’re not surprised Rebecca’s feeling a little uncomfortable.

Many of her followers who’d also had twins could definitely relate to her posts.

“You’re doing so well, mine delivered @ 25 weeks, every day is a blessing xx” one wrote.

Another added: “32 weeks pregnant with mono Di twins fully dying.”

“As a fellow twin mumma (mumma of 4 too) who only carried to 32+2... I feel your pain ??? Fantastic job growing your tiny humans as long as you have.. Can't wait to hear your arrival news…” said one mum of twins.

And another advised: “Keep them cooking as long as you can, I managed to keep our girls in until 37+5 and was still chasing three other little monkeys around, so good to have healthy babies you can hurry home with @becjudd xx”

Fortunately, Rebecca seems to have a great sense of humour about everything.

And before she knows it, she won’t be #housebound anymore! But she and hubby Chris will be very busy indeed looking after two little ones ?

Update: Rebecca's given birth!


    Just a few days after her get 'em outta here Instagram posts, Rebecca gave birth to healthy twin boys!

    She announced the joyous news to fans not long after her and husband Chris' sons, Tom and Darcy, were born.

    "Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes," she wrote on Instagram.

    "Tom Andrew Judd and Darcy Hugh Judd arrived via emergency c-sec yesterday at 12:43pm and 12:44pm respectively at 35 weeks gestation.

    "They are great sizes and came out perfectly healthy - phew! Thank you to the best Obstetrician in the world, Len Kliman, and @midwifecath for looking after me during this high risk pregnancy.

    "We are all relieved to have them here healthy. #nicehatjuddy"

    Congrats to the new parents!

    What do you think?

    At what point during your pregnancy were you ready to be not-pregnant? Or did you LOVE being pregnant up until the very last minute?

    If you had twins, how much did yours weigh when they were born?

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    Images: Instagram/Rebecca Judd

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