The power of social media was proven this week when a livid mum shared a pic of the woman she alleges stole her luxury Bugaboo pushchair, which apparently cost almost £1400 - eek!.


Mum Lauren Collazo's buggy was swiped when she left it next to a ride at Disney's Hollywood studios in Orlando, Florida - in an area where visitors routinely park and leave their prams unsecured.

The thief simply took the buggy by strapping her own daughter in it and wheeling it away.

Lauren didn't just lose the buggy, but also her purse, car keys and other personal belongings, including her niece's Epipen, which were tucked away in the pram's basket.

Leaving a buggy...

OK, so we know of course it's not a great idea to leave expensive stuff unattended. But haven't we all done it when it comes to leaving a pushchair - whether it's in the park, by a swimming pool or at a big attraction? And isn't everyone else doing it, which is why these places so often have buggy parks?

I guess we assume that there's an unwritten rule that mums or dads just don't nick other family's buggies even if the buggy next to yours is a shiny new luxury edition, and puts your tatty old four-wheeler to shame.

But this tale is a timely reminder that not everyone plays by the rules (or follows the law) - and sadly, as a result, it is important to give some thought to where you drop your buggy off for the day, and what you leave inside it.

So what happened next...

Thanks to CCTV at the theme park, a woman revealed to be called Michelle was caught on film taking it - with her own little girl, dressed up as Anna from Frozen, sitting inside.

Furious Lauren - who had to get her husband to fly into Florida from Miami to rescue her because her cash and car keys had gone - took to Facebook to share the footage, writing:

'SHARE SHARE SHARE!! My daughters stroller and all our personal belongings where intentionally stolen by this lady who appears on video following me since we entered yesterday at Disney's Hollywood studios.

"Please contact me or the Orange County Sheriffs office in Orlando with any tips or information.

"1(407)254-7000 Orange County Sheriff's Office. CASE# T17004875. REWARD IS BEING OFFERED


The pic soon did go viral, and was eventually spotted by another mum who had inadvertently BOUGHT the buggy from a Texas Facebook selling site, where Michelle had allegedly put it up for sale.

Lauren was easily able to prove it was hers by identifying the personal items which were left in.

Now, Michelle has reportedly handed herself into her local Sheriff's Office, and is likely to face grand theft charges.

So will this act as a cautionary tale and make more parents think before leaving prized pushchairs in buggy parks? Hmmm...

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Images: Facebook/Edwin N Lauren Collazo

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