Little Life stroller lock, £9

This Little Life stroller lock has a long-length 90cm retractable cord and 4-digit combo lock for added security.


Made of nylon and metal it's a good sturdy lock, and has a wipe-clean surface.

Available from Cotswold Outdoor

Panda Buggyguard Lock

Buggyguard Retractable Pram Lock, £14.99

This long extendable cable loops easily through one or two wheels and locks your buggy to any stationary object. Push button retraction makes for easy coiling, while the thin cable makes weaving through your chassis a breeze.

The super strong universal cable is vinyl-coated to prevent scratching and features a 3-digit resetable combination dial - perfect for mums worried about losing any keys.

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Available from Amazon

My Buggy Buddy Lock

My Buggy Buddy Lock, £7.16

My Buggy Buddy Locks are specifically designed to secure an unattended buggy to a fixed post or object. Simple to use, this loop-shaped device snaps onto the pram handle, wheel or chassis and is held in place using a metal clip.

Foam covered to stop any marking and featuring a 3-digit combination lock, this device is great for securing your stroller through the handle to a fence or through the wheel to prevent the buggy being stolen.

Available from Tesco

Buggyguard Anti-Theft Retractable Stroller Lock

Buggyguard Anti-Theft Retractable Stroller Lock, £17.90

This anti-theft gadget fits all strollers and keeps the lock tucked out of the way until you're ready to use it. The design doesn't interfere with collapsing the stroller and features a 4-digit resetable combination dial.

Use the extended cable length to loop through one or two wheels or lock your buggy to any stationary object when you're out and about.

Available from Happy Mummy

Lock 'n Go

PBnJ Baby Lock 'n Go Retractable Stroller Lock, £11.56

Strong and durable, this long-lasting lock will help safeguard your stroller from theft. Features include a flexible soft vinyl-coated cable to prevent scratching, 10,000 resettable combinations and an automatic push button recoil.

This easy to use and hard-wearing design will provide years of security.

Available from Amazon

Hauck Lock Me stroller lock, £6.99

This Hauck lock is nice and compact and comes with a 55cm retractable cable. It has a wipe clean surface and is suitable for prams, bikes and scooters.

Great price, too.

Available from Amazon

Koo-di stroller lock, £7.97

Another value lock, this time by nursery goods manufacturer Koo-di. With a retractable security cord of 68 cm (27 inches), it features a 3-digit combination lock.

Available from Amazon

Abus combiflex pro, £18.22

Not the cheapest lock on the block we admit, and the Abus is actually marketed as a bike lock, but it's super sturdy, has a 4-digit combination lock and a 90cm cord - longer than many buggy locks.

Available from Amazon


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