The best ride-on boards for your toddlers

Ride-on boards (better known as buggy boards) convert a single pushchair into a double child carrier with very little fuss or cost. They clip onto the back of buggies for little ones to stand or sit on and are ideal for toddlers who are old enough to walk. They work as a secure platform when little legs get tired and young children want a rest from walking.


The term buggy board officially refers to the Lascal Buggy Board, the very first board to be attached to a buggy. These boards are also known as ride-on boards, rider boards and stroller platforms,

Almost every type of pushchair has its own buggy board, most are specific to the make and model of the buggy, but there are also a large number of universal buggy boards on the market that can be transferred from one pram to another.

Different types of boards

The most common form is the stand-on platform that is attached to the back of a pram to enable a child to stand up and ride along with their younger sibling sitting in the pram.

More like this

Then there are 2-in1 boards that can also be used as scooters away from your stroller, for older and more adventurous kids.

There are also a growing number of adaptive buggy boards that can change between a stand-on platform and a small seat unit, which effectively convert a single buggy into a double.

But if you have a child with limited mobility or who would prefer to sit down, there's a range of additional clip-on seats that come with backrest and harnesses.

Many are designed to use from 2 years old, but some can be used from 6 months.

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Lascal Buggy Board, £65

The original buggy board; the Swedish-designed Lascal platform rider can be fitted onto hundreds of different pushchairs including market-leading brands like Silver Cross, Britax, iCandy and Maclaren. It comes in two sizes; the maxi and the mini and both can be clipped onto square, round or oval chassis frames with a width of between 26-50cm.

You can also buy an award-winning saddle, for when when tired little legs no longer want to stand

Suitable for use with children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old, the Buggy Board can also be folded away at the back of your buggy for easy storage when not in use.

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Freerider board, £79

Wow! From the makers of Mountain Buggy and Phil & Teds, the innovative Freerider is a 2-in-1 ride-on platform and detachable scooter.

This buggy board is compatible with several brands. As well as fitting onto the rear axle of all Mountain Buggy and Phil & Teds prams, it can also fit onto the Bugaboo Cameleon, Bob Revolution, Baby Jogger City Mini and Britax Strider Plus.

You will, however, need to buy an additional connector at the extra price of £19.

Buy the Freerider from Buggybaby


Buggypod Perle, £64.95

Again, more innovation. The Perle is a board seat that clips onto your existing Lascal Buggyboard Maxi or Bugaboo Wheeled Board and allows your little one to sit down while traveling on the back of the buggy. It can be used from approximately six months.

It comes with back, foot and armrests and a 5-point safety harness, ensuring maximum comfort and has a 2-click folding action for easy storage. It can also be used as a booster seat on any type of chair when out and about in restaurants and cafes.

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Obaby ABC Design Kiddie Ride-On Board, £40.99

Featuring independently sprung suspension for both of the wheels, the Obaby ABC Design Kiddie Ride-On Board attaches to a variety of buggies and can be used from the age of 2.

The length, width and angle of the board can be adjusted to fit your child and it also has a non-skid surface to keep your little one steady when out and about in wet and windy weather.

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Bumprider one 4 all, £58.99

A toddler board that has been described as being almost totally universal by its maker and claims not to need any tools when being fixed to the back of a buggy.

The Bumprider one 4 all has good suspension, an ergonomic non-slip surface and can be folded away with a safety strap.

You can buy the Bumprider one 4 all from Uber Kids


Easy X Rider buggy board, £65

The daddy of them all. The Easy X Rider is a combination seat unit and pushchair board with a padded seat and handle bar atop of a buggy board platform.

A real child-pleaser, the Easy X rider has wheels that flash all sorts of colours when rolling along the road and also comes with a safety harness to keep your child fixed in the seat.


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