Mum defends sending son to school in 50 Shades of Grey costume

Nicola Scholes says school had sense of humour fail over outfit


An outraged mum has accused her 11-year-old son’s school of having “no sense of humour” after teachers branded his 50 Shades of Grey World Book Day costume “offensive”.


Nicola Scholes said her son Liam was told to change out of his grey suit despite a teacher being dressed as a “serial killer” and some children toting guns. Liam had gone into school dressed in a grey suit and tie, slicked-back hair and was carrying a black eye mask and cable ties.

The furious mum said her son had not read the bondage-themed books, but added she didn’t see what the “big deal” was because Christian Grey has been the “most talked about book character for the past few years”.

Ms Scholes shared her rage on Facebook and Twitter, and claimed Liam had received unfair treatment.  

Ms Scholes rants on Facebook

Speaking to ITV News, Ms Scholes said she appreciated that some people would be offended, but maintained Liam’s costume was “tongue in cheek”. 

We’re a bit speechless, to be honest – what with Myleene sending her girls to school dressed as mini-Myleenes for WBD and now this… we’re prob going to sound a bit like our grannies, but ‘whatever next!’

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