Mum who had six miscarriages finally brings premature baby home

Mum celebrates as her premature baby is finally allowed home, 12 weeks after his early birth


Theresa Wright and her partner Ashley Higton are celebrating the birth of their second baby after suffering six miscarriages in just five years. But baby Harrison overcame his own battle after being born prematurely at 31 weeks.


“When we hit 31 weeks and my waters burst we didn’t really know what to expect. I’d lost so many babies that I could only think of a birth happening or not. I just couldn’t get my head around an in-between option,” said mum Theresa.

Now, 12-week-old Harrison has been allowed home with his mum, dad and big brother, Lewis, 1.

It was when Theresa was pregnant with Lewis that doctors discovered she suffers from two separate blood-clotting disorders. These leave her blood thicker than usual during pregnancy, which can lead to miscarriages.

“I was so excited [when Lewis was born] but I was so used to losing babies that I was almost sure someone was going to come along and take him away,” Theresa said.

“I want other people to have some hope. I was the girl who didn’t think she could have a kid and all of a sudden I have two. I know it sounds corny and clichéd but dreams can come true.”

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