It’s the same every Easter, every Christmas and every time they lose a tooth. They're a bundle of energy - unwilling to sleep - all on the off-chance they'll catch a glimpse of the Easter bunny, Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.


Whereas you're busy trying NOT to get caught setting up treasure hunts and leaving presents under the tree. And staying up past your own bedtime in the process.

That's exactly what happened to fashion designer Myleene Klass just last night.

The self-described mumpreneur tweeted just before midnight to tell her fans she wasn’t getting much sleep, because her 5-year-old daughter Hero was anxiously awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy.

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“Desperate to go to sleep but my 5yo just lost her first tooth and keeps waking up to see if the 'tooth fairy' has been (she hasn't). ” Myleene wrote.

Here at MFM, the moment we read this tweet, we simply thought: ‘ahh, we’ve been there.’

Trying to slip a cheeky 50p piece and a note under the pillow is more than a little tricky when they won’t stay asleep - because they’re on red alert hoping to meet a magical creature ?

It seems Myleene’s followers can relate, too.

One mum wrote: “Tell her the fairy won't come til she's fast asleep. I've been there!!!”

“Not doing the "if you're awake, she'll take an eye" schtick, then? #parentsthesedays #weakItellsya #weak!” another joked.

Meanwhile, one savvy fan suggested a clever alternative to the under-the-pillow routine: “Try putting it in an envelope on the mantle piece.”

So… did Hero get a visit from the tooth fairy after all? And Did Myleene finally get some shut eye?

25 minutes later, Myleene rejoiced: “Third attempt. Success. #toothfairy”


We’re glad everyone got to sleep in the end… but December's only a few months away ?

Side note: How much does the tooth fairy give out these days? We wonder how little Hero got for her first tooth… we know that’s a special one!

Let us know what yours gets - and what you got as a littl’un - on Facebook.

Images: Instagram/Myleene Klass

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