When it comes to some of the slightly more taboo, not-so-glam aspects of parenting, we have to say Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawahla definitely puts herself out there.


Not so long ago, she opened up to us about the woes of post-partum incontinence, and this week, she's been sharing how she felt about her private parts after having children.

On a show segment about 'Barbie vaginas' (having plastic surgery on your lady bits), Nadia confessed:

"I certainly remember... after having my baby, sitting there with my legs open with a mirror and sobbing my eyes out because it was SO deformed, and that's a kind of dysmorphia, isn't it? This warped idea..."

When co-host Andrea McLean questioned why she'd even looked, Stacey Solomon stepped in, recalling:

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"When I had Zach I had to check my stitches. I also wanted to look because I wanted to know what it looked like and not everything will look the same."

Hmmmm, here at MFM we were actually a bit too embarrassed to talk in too much depth (in fact any depth) about this to our teammates ??

But we're glad Nadia brought it up - it's definitely something we shouldn't be afraid to talk about, and it's certainly got us quietly thinking about the changes we experienced down there after birth.

If we even looked at all ?

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