Nearly a quarter of mums buy their own Christmas presents

Millions of mums know what they'll be unwrapping on Christmas Day - because they bought it!


Millions of mums have mastered the art of gift face as they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning, as a survey reveals that nearly of quarter have actually bought their own gift.


The research, conducted by Argos and YouGov, reveals that around 1.7million mums buy and wrap their own presents for their children and/or hubbie to give them. Are we surprised? No.

We know the score. Yes, the survey shows that more than half (56%) of mums buy between 11 and 50 presents, while the majority (67%) receive 10 or less in return.

The stat that really made us boggle is that 19% spend more than 24 hours in total shopping for presents. Wow, imagine if we could trade that for a whole day off – now there’s a gift idea.

And finally, nearly half (48%) of mums say they find Christmas shopping tiring. Only 48%?

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