New dad Ritchie Neville’s ‘mini Ella panics’

Natasha Hamilton's partner has the same worries as all first-time parents but says being a dad is 'fantastic'


Ritchie Neville only became a dad for the first time last month, so there’s little wonder he’s having a few panics.  But the 5ive singer admits he’s worried every day!


“You know, I have mini panics every day, like. ‘Is she breathing right? Is her complexion right? What does that blemish mean?’ But you learn a lot,” he told OK! magazine.

Ritchie only started dating the then mum-of-3 Natasha Hamilton just over a year ago. So looking after 3 children and a baby must come as a shock!

“Personally speaking, life just got very busy. I’ve gone from a bachelor to now having a family of four with a newborn,” he said. “It’s been a bit of an eye-opener.”

An eye opener? We bet!

“But I absolutely love it,” he insists. “Being a dad is just fantastic.”

For his girlfriend Natasha Hamilton, Ella was her 4th baby – so we’re sure she’s been able to give him lots of tips.

Photo: Twitter / Ritchie Neville

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