New toy ‘eats’ your child’s worries

Innovative and funky-looking German toy wins Editors’ Choice at the 2014 Toy Fair


It’s exciting when we stumble across something truly innovative or different in the world of toys. And that’s just what’s happened with the arrival of the Sorgenfresser, which have been voted Editors’ Choice at the 2014 Toy Fair. 


The German-made dolls (Sorgenfresser is German for ‘worry eaters’) are a series of contemporary plush toys with zips for mouths. So far so cute, but the innovative bit is that the Sorgenfresser ‘eat’ worries and help your child conquer fears.

They’re a neat take on little worry dolls that are often placed under a pillow, if your child is worrying or having difficulty getting to sleep.

What’s so clever, is that your child can write out or draw a worry on a piece of paper, pop it in the Sorgenfresser’s mouth and zip it up, letting the doll ‘eat’ it up and take it away.

While it’s obviously best if your child can share his worry with you, sometimes it isn’t that easy. It that’s the case, your child can share it with the Sorgenfresser, giving you the chance to retrieve it from the doll’s mouth once your child is asleep. You can even pop in a reassuring message for your child to find in the morning.

And the toys look great! With prices from £15 for 25cm dolls, up to £30 for larger sizes – although they’re generally cheaper on Amazon – they look so fun and positive they can be normal toys, not just for worries.

MFM tip: If your child is struggling with worries, author/illustrator Anthony Browne has produced a wonderful book, Silly Billy, which brings understanding and humour to the world of worry dolls – £4.49 from Amazon.

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