Parents find favour with with one child more than the other

New survey reveals mums and dads give unequal attention


A new survey has found that parents struggle to give the same amount of their attention to two or more children. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, 62% of mums and dads admitted to not finding time for equal attention to their children, citing ‘different needs’ as the reason. Of course, this could just be a natural focus, especially if one child is at nursery or school, and the other child is still at home full time.


More shockingly, the parents who admitted not giving the same amount of attention also admitted that they had a ‘favourite’ child. When asked why they thought they favourited one child over another, the main reason given was having a ‘stronger bond’.

But this might all come down to almost half of parents feeling that their own parents had had a favourite sibling!

Mark Pearson, chairman of, who commissioned the survey, commented:


‘Most parents agree that you can’t necessarily give the same amount of attention to all children, only because every child is different. It will always sound insensitive to admist that you have a ‘favourite child’, but I guess it’s more about sharing more with one than the other, rather than loving one more than the other(s).’

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