Peppa Pig helps Ben Fogel make tough decision

Swimming in shark-infested water is a no-go for dad Ben Fogel, whose kids come first


For the first time in 12 years Ben Fogel has turned down a challenge – and it’s all thanks to his kids being too busy watching Peppa Pig to notice what he’s doing.


Ben Fogel’s love of dangerous activities has had to be reigned in now that he’s a dad. He’s still been busy doing solo sky dives and scuba diving with crocodiles but he claims he’s only taking calculated risks for his new BBC show as his priorities have changed. Well, it was unlikely he was going to take up knitting, wasn’t it?

Faced with the (frankly petrifying) task of swimming with sharks in Western Australia, Ben decided to opt out (phew!). Three men had died in as many weeks in the same patch of water and the dad-of-two said that it seemed too much of a risk when he had a young family back at home.

Ben holds firm to his belief that people don’t take enough risks these days but at the same time, admits that Ernest Shackleton’s words ring true – “Better a live donkey than a dead lion”.

After realising that his children were actually far more interested in what Peppa Pig is getting up to than he is (and perhaps accepting that he isn’t Rambo), Ben has decided to be a bit more sensible. Bit early for New Years resolutions, but we think this is a pretty good one to get going with!


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