Peter Andre and Emily's birth dates:

Peter Andre (nee Andréa), born 27 February 1973
Emily Andréa (nee MacDonagh), born 16 August 1989


Peter Andre and Emily's children:

Amelia Andréa, born 7 January 2014
Theodore James 'Theo' Andréa, born 22 November 2016

Peter's children with ex-wife Katie Price:

Junior Savvas Andreas Andre, born 13 June 2005
Princess Tiiaamii Crystal Esther Andre, born 29 June 2007

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How did Peter Andre meet Emily?

In 2010, Emily (then MacDonagh) was training to be a doctor. Funnily enough, her dad was a doctor too, and just so happened to be treating famous patient Peter Andre for a nasty case of kidney stones.

Peter and Emily met and became friends, but the rest wasn't quite history. At least not until 2012, when Peter reportedly asked Emily's dad for his blessing to take her on a date.

The couple went public not long after their romance blossomed, in July 2012...

Emily's 1st pregnancy

In July 2013, it was revealed that Peter and Emily were expecting their 1st child together!

Just days before her January due date, Pete popped the question, and as we all know, Emily said yes! A lovely, New Year's engagement.

Amelia's birth

There wasn't much time to celebrate as pregnant Emily gave birth to a baby girl, named Amelia, on 7 January 2014.

Andréa is Amelia's official surname, despite dad's showbiz name being Andre and mum's maiden name, which she still had then, was MacDonagh. The couple have confirmed it's on her birth certificate.

Since Emily had put her medical studies on hold to welcome Amelia, she was set to complete her degree in Bristol post-birth - miles away from the family home in Somerset. So, the couple talked openly about how they were living apart during the first months of Amelia's life.

Peter Andre and Emily's wedding

In July 2015, Peter and Emily tied the knot at Mamhead House, in Exeter, Devon.

"It's been the most fantastic day of our lives – we've loved every moment. I couldn't have wished for a better day. I've married the love of my life and I couldn't be happier,” Pete told OK! after the big day.

Upon their marriage, Emily officially changed her surname to Andréa, which is Pete's legal surname, and the surname of their children.

Emily's 2nd pregnancy

By July 2016, it was revealed that Emily was 5 months pregnant with the couple's 2nd child.

The pregnancy was quite challenging for the young mum-of-one, as she was now a qualified doctor working 50/60 hour weeks! Blimey...

Theo's birth

On 22 November 2016, baby Theodore was born. He's nicknamed Theo, and his surname on his birth certificate is Andréa.

Pete predicted his wife would give birth early, and good thing he did! He had hospital bags packed from 17 November. They came in handy just 5 days later!

That said, it looked for a moment like Peter and Emily's son would be called Baby Boy Andréa forever! The couple were pretty open about their struggle to land on a name everyone liked, and took a good month or so to agonise over the decision.

We think Theo's a gorgeous name - definitely worth the wait. We also love Peter and Emily's glamorous buggy pick for baby Theo, too!

P.S. Wanna see Peter Andre experience the full whammy of labour pains? Just watch this vid

Pete, Emily, Amelia and Theo on social media

Emily doesn't have public social media accounts, and the couple are famously quite private about their 2 little ones on Instagram and Twitter.

But we have seen a few glimpses into their family life. Take a little look, here...

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