One thing's for sure, it can take some of us a fair while to get used to our changing pregnancy bodies.


And it's certainly no different if you're a Hollywood star - yep, the added pressure of being in an industry where everyone's a size 0 and you're never more than a couple of weeks away from some flashy red carpet do is something that could really get to you, despite the riches and fame, right?

Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up actress Katherine Heigl has revealed how she struggled with weight worries while pregnant with her son Joshua, who was born just before Christmas. In an interview with People magazine, Katherine admitted that she's actually felt 'heartbreak' when she visited the doc each month to see how much she weighed.

"What was rough with the pregnancy was just the terror of the weight gain....I gained like 40 lbs," she said. "That’s hard for an actress who’s spent her whole life trying to always lose that last 10...."

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On another related note, she's been very open about something we reckon lots of our mums can relate to - how big her boobs got when she was expecting.

"My boobs just got so ginormous," she quipped. "I’ve always had fairly large breasts, but [I went from a] DD to an I. Did you know that an I even existed in bra sizes? I didn’t," she exclaimed.

"I didn’t know that until I started having to buy bra sizes in an I. That’s D, E, F, G, H, I - that’s horrifying!" ?

Nevertheless - with her cute little fam (Katherine has 2 adopted daughters, Naleigh, 8, and Adalaide, 4, with hubby singer Josh Kelley) we hope she's still enjoying the new mum experience, and, for what it's worth Katherine, we think you look gorgeous ?

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