A TV weather presenter who has been bullied by viewers for - shock - daring to have a baby bump.


Laura Warren, from Augusta, USA, received a voicemail (from a woman btw) telling her to "please go to Target and buy some decent maternity clothes so you don't walk around looking like you got a watermelon strapped under your too tight outfits.

"Target's got a great line of maternity clothes in case you've never heard of such a thing. You're getting to where you're being disgusting on the TV." ? ? ?

After she got over the initial shock, Laura revealed her plan action:

"So, I think, instead of letting this lady get me down, I'm just going to turn her negative energy into positive energy,"

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Warren reasoned. "I'm going to say as many nice things as I can to as many people as I can, and I'm going to do it in a dress that fits these beautiful new curves with my 'watermelon' stomach showing."

✊✊ ✊

And we heard of a very similar story not too long ago. Cindy Morgan is a presenter for ABC 6 in Minnesota, US, and mum to 1-year-old Grant. When pregnant with her 2nd child, she received negative comments and emails from viewers about her growing baby bump.

So, she took to Facebook to say the hurtful remarks were "unacceptable".


She wrote: "Since when has body shaming a pregnant woman become the thing to do?

"I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which I do), I look like I’m about ready to tip over, I show too much of my belly, and my choice in clothes is distasteful and disrespectful. Those are just a few comments folks have emailed or said to me.

"I’m not the only female meteorologist who’s gotten terrible comments while pregnant. I understand that some of this is rooted in 'old' thinking. But isn’t that just it? Hiding the bump is outdated thinking. Even worse yet, is that bit-by-bit those comments take away a small piece of my excitement about my little girl’s arrival.

"I have a public job and there are many things that I choose to do, not do or change because of it. But to feel that way about my baby is unacceptable. To have these things said is unacceptable. That goes for me, or for any woman.

"So with that, I proudly say I’m not ashamed of my bump. I will embrace my pregnancy and will gladly continue to visually offend those who disagree. #embracethebump"


Soon after she posted that, her pregnant colleagues (all of whom work behind the cameras) decided to post for a group shot – in solidarity.

Sharing the pictures, their boss, the News Director of ABC 6 News, David Springer posted:

"Given the current state of social media, you can never fully protect people from nasty comments. We understand that. But we also understand that we can support and stand behind our co-workers, which is what we’re doing today.

"Lately, Cindy has been criticised for wearing clothing deemed 'too tight' by viewers. This has upset Cindy and, as a matter of fact, it upset me too. Cindy is not the only ABC 6 News employee that happens to be pregnant, but she is the only one on TV, which makes her an easy target.

"We here at ABC 6 News support the strong, professional women that work here, especially those who continue to put in all the necessary hours while also being pregnant. We are banding together and supporting Cindy. I hope you will too.‪ #‎embracethebump"

Wow. Can you believe both these women were criticised just for being pregnant on TV? We can't either...

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