Price of holidays soar as travel companies make the most of school holidays

Holiday companies take advantage of the half term demand for breaks by massively inflating the price of family holidays


The price of booking a holiday for February’s half term has soared, as holiday companies make the most of the guaranteed demand from parents. According to a survey by Santander Credit Cards, prices for the half term week have gone up by as much as 268% compared to the same destination two weeks later.


Parents, already feeling the pinch of the recession, may be tempted to take their children out of school during term time for a holiday instead of paying the inflated prices. This can lead to a fine but these penalties are often far lower than the price of a half-term holiday.

Santander found that trips to places such as the Canary Islands were costing around 60% more during the half term week.

But holiday companies argue they have had to cut the number of holidays on sale this year due to families’ financial worries. They claim this price hike is just a response to demand and that they must take advantage of this period of guaranteed sales.


Are you going on holiday this half term or plumping for a stay-cation?

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