10 of the best children’s luggage options

Wheely good suitcases and ride-ons your kids will love


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Packing their own bag can be a big part of the holiday excitement for kids, but finding a case that gives them independence without creating an extra load for Mum and Dad at the airport is a challenge. We’ve found the best bags, cases and ride-ons to help make you and your mini traveller’s journey as easy as possible.

1. Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 suitcase, £99.95

Little legs can get tired walking around the airport, especially if you need to check your pushchair into the hold. So the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase is a fantastic option.

It’s a sleek piece of wheely hand luggage, which your child can ride on top of. It’s a similar concept to the popular Mountain Buggy Bagrider, except this suits bigger children – it’s suitable for 18 months+ to a maximum weight of 20kg, compared to the Mountain Buggy Bagrider, which has a maximum weight of 15kg.

It’s ‘3 products in 1’ because as well as being a ride-on suitcase, you can detach the stroller section your child sits on, so you can pull them along and hold the hand luggage bag separately. 

It has an adjustable handle which suits growing children but unlike the Mountain Buggy Bagrider, little ones aren’t strapped in. It’s also easier to keep control of compared to a Trunki because the handle is solid.

Available from: Micro-scooters.co.uk 

2. Mountain Buggy Bagrider, £139

Hailed as a game-changer when it was released, the Mountain Buggy Bagrider was a MadeForMums Awards Gold Winner last year.

The roomy, 2-wheel, carry-on case turns into a travelling seat for little ones up to 15kg, simply with the twist of a dial. Although it’s only suitable for children up to 15kg, compared to 20kg with the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcaseit comes with a cushioned seat and 5-point safety harness, so it’s a better option for younger children.

MadeForMums Awards judge and mum of 1 Joanna says: “The suitcase is a fantastic cabin bag size, and the seat attachment is very sturdy, but completely foldable, so would easily fit in a handbag. The mechanism is incredibly quick and very fluid. There really is no faffing around.”

Available from: AmazonBuggyBaby.co.uk and PreciousLittleOne 

3. Una the Unicorn Trunki, £39.99

The latest ride-on suitcase from Trunki is the brightly coloured Una the Unicorn, complete with horn, tail and glittery stickers. There’s no doubt children love to be pulled along on these carry-cases they can help decorate.

However, be prepared to take your time – pulling them along with a tow strap can mean it’s tricky to negotiate in a busy airport, compared to the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase and Mountain Buggy Bagrider, both of which have solid handles. 

However, the brand remains a firm favourite with reviewers, last year the Trunki Rocco the Race Car was a MadeForMums Awards Bronze Winner. It should also last a long time as its maximum weight is a whopping 50kg.

Available from: ArgosJohn Lewis and Trunki

4. Dream Rider Spinner, Samsonite, £49.00 

Similar to the Trunki, the Dream Rider Spinner range from Samsonite offers vibrantly coloured ride-on cases, such as Tiger Toby, Bee Betty and Zebra Zeno.

They cost a little more, but they do offer much more space inside – 28-litre capacity compared to an 18-litre capacity with the Trunki, despite having a similar weight. The case is suitable for 3-8-year-olds. Like the Trunki, it has a shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry around.

Available from: BagsDirect.comLuggage Superstore and Samsonite

5. Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag, £30

If your kids feel they’re too old to be pulled around on a ride-on suitcase, you can give them some independence with the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag. It can be carried as a rucksack, but if it gets too heavy they can pull it along instead. Unlike others, including the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcaseit has handy pouches to give easy access to drinks – and there’s space on the back for teddy, too – a very cute touch.

It has a spacious 33-litre capacity and weighs just 1kg – significantly lighter than the Trunki and Dream Rider Spinner.

Available from: AmazonBargainsPro and CabinMax

6. Zinc Flyte Percy the Penguin Midi 25L Case Scooter, £69.99

You won’t have to worry about calling ‘keep up’ if your child is zooming through the airport on the Zinc Flyte Percy the Penguin Midi scooter.

It has a generous 25-litre capacity, making it roomier than a Trunki and it’s a great choice for children seeking independence. It folds down neatly, making it suitable as carry-on luggage. It’s suitable for 4 years old plus, but unlike the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag, which is suitable for 3 years old +, your child won’t have to carry or pull the weight of the bag.

There’s a Midi case – suitable for 4-8 years old, and a mini version for 2-4 years old.

Available from: Argos, SkateHut and Zinc Flyte

7. The Disney Ultimate 2.0 Upright (2 wheels) 49cm, Samsonite, £85 each

Mickey and Minnie fans will love pulling these wheely carry-on cases around the airport. Another pick from Samsonite, the case features soft felt ears and an eye-catching design as well as being easy to manoeuvre and excellent quality. You can even buy a matching pencil case, too.

The bag has a decent amount of space inside (24 litres), however at 2kg it weighs twice as much as Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag. It’s also one of the more expensive options, more than double the price of the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag or the Skip Hop Zoo Fox Luggage. However, you can expect the durability associated with a brand like Samsonite.

Available from: BagsDirect.comLuggage Superstore and Samsonite

8. Skip Hop Zoo Fox Luggage £35.00

With its cheery red-and-cream face and pointy ears, the Skip Hop Zoo Fox trolley case will brighten up any trip. Like the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag, it has a handy mesh side pocket for drinks, although it doesn’t give children the option to wear it as a backpack – so if they get fed up with pulling it, you might find you end up pulling it instead. It also has a useful retractable handle.

One great thing about this trolley, which sets it apart from most of the others, is that you can coordinate it with other products in the Zoo range, including a lunch box. There’s a handy zipped pocket at the front. Suitable for 3+.

Available from: Amazon, Dotty Hippo and John Lewis  

9. Ladybird suitcase, Little Life, £49.99

With its 20-litre capacity, it’s not quite as roomy as the Disney Ultimate 2.0 Upright, but this cheery red suitcase is an eye-catching choice. It weighs in at 1.4kg – so it’s heavier than the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag (1kg), but still lighter than the Disney Ultimate 2.0 Upright’s 2kg weight.

It also has a handy zip-up compartment at the front to hold smaller bits.

However, like the Skip Hop Zoo Fox luggage, it can’t be converted into a backpack if little ones get fed up with pulling it. And unlike the Trunki, it doesn’t have a carry strap for you to put it over your shoulder either, so in this scenario you’d have to pull it yourself or carry it using the padded top grab handle.

Available from: Go Outdoors, LittleLife and Little Trekkers  

10. YUU Max Deluxe HUUG YUUbag Backpack & Fun Pack, £55

This is a bag with a difference. It might look like a backpack but it is packed with surprises. It comes with an A4-sized fun pack, 20 pockets and compartments to store belongings. It even comes complete with a fold-down desk that allows children to draw, write and play games.

Plus, it can fasten to car seats via chest straps, which means it can be used on the move.

And it has a whopping 26-litre capacity, making it third on the list only behind the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag and the Dream Rider Spinner.

Available from: AmazonJohn Lewis and Very 

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