Packing their own bag can be a big part of the holiday excitement for kids, but finding a case that gives them independence without creating an extra load for Mum and Dad at the airport is a challenge. We've found the best bags, cases and ride-ons to help make you and your mini traveller's journey as easy as possible.


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Best luggage options for children at a glance

  • Best long-lasting children's luggage: Amelia the Aeroplane Trunki, £44.99
  • Best multi-functional ride-on luggage: Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase, £119.95
  • Best luggage for short trips: Boppi Tiny Trekker, £49.99
  • Best luggage for maximum space: Cabin Max Bear Children's Trolley Bag, £44.95
  • Best ride-on luggage for younger children: Mountain Buggy Skyrider Luxury, £159
  • Best sturdy ride-on luggage: Samsonite Dream Rider Spinner, £85
  • Best ride-on luggage for added extras: Stokke JetKids BedBox, £179
  • Best lightweight luggage with great capacity: it Luggage Children's 4-wheel Soft Cabin Suitcase, £35
  • Best luggage for older children: Zinc Flyte 18in Case Scooter,from £95.99
  • Best luggage for Disney fans: Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0,£105

What to look for when choosing children's luggage

Size and capacity — How much can you fit in the luggage? Some children's luggage options, especially those designed to be carried onto the plane, will have limited capacity and may be better for smaller items for the journey itself — such as entertainment for the flight. Others that are larger may be able to fit all of your child's holiday wardrobe inside. Also, look if there are any compartments — is there an easily accessible space to put small, loose items? Does it have any extras such as a bottle holder? If you do want luggage for your child that you can take on the plane as hand luggage, check that it's small enough. Most of the options on our list are suitable as carry-on luggage, but do always check with your airline.

Weight — Check how heavy the luggage is — will your child be able to pull it or carry it themselves with their belongings inside? If it's a ride-on and you're pulling them along, how heavy is it to do? Also, if you're travelling by plane, think about how much of your luggage allowance it will take up.

Wheels — Does it have wheels? Designs with wheels may be slightly easier to pull (or push) along than more traditional backpack styles that may be too heavy for your child to carry on a long journey. If your child gets bored or tired and you need to carry or pull it for them, is it easy to do? It may be worth also considering the handle height — if it's not adjustable then it may be harder for you to pull it if you need to.

More like this

Is it a ride-on? — Luggage that your child is able to ride on as you pull them along can be a great saviour for little legs on long journeys. There are plenty of ride-on options out there — some that you sit on, like the traditional Trunki, and now even scooter and trike designs. Check the weight limit of the luggage too, most are suitable to approximately 7 years but some may be less than that. Look at the different options and consider whether a ride-on may be the best option for you. If it's not a ride-on, consider how easy it will be for your child (or you) to carry or use.

Materials — How tough and durable is the luggage? How easy to clean is it? If you're travelling, accidents and spillages may happen and it's good to know if any fabric elements are machine washable. Also, check how sturdy the handle is. If it's flimsy then navigating a busy airport may be even more difficult — especially if your child is pulling it.

Style — There are many fun luggage options available for kids, as well as more traditional ones. If you're looking for something cute and appealing for your child's luggage then there's plenty of designs to choose from — from Disney characters to animals and even dinosaurs.

1. Amelia the Aeroplane Trunki, £44.99

– Best long-lasting children's luggage

Amelia the Aeroplane Trunki tester picture

Capacity: 18 litres | Dimensions: L:20.5cm x W:46cm x H:31cm | Weight: 1.7kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: Yes | Awards: Gold — MadeForMums Awards 2023

This striking edition from Trunki is a collaboration with British Airways, and is perfect for jet-setting toddlers. There's no doubt children love to be pulled along on these carry-cases (which they can also help decorate).However, be prepared to take your time – pulling them along with a tow strap can mean it's tricky to negotiate in a busy airport, compared to the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase and Mountain Buggy Skyrider Luxury, both of which have solid handles.

However, the brand remains a firm favourite with reviewers, and the Amelia the Aeroplane design won Gold at the MadeForMums Awards this year. Our parent testers and editorial judges found it to be a durable and long-lasting ride-on suitcase, perfect for making travelling with kids that much more easier and fun for them. Our parent testers also loved how spacious it was inside.

Parent tester Janet, who tested the Trunki with her 2-year-old son (pictured) said: "As a parent, you are always looking for new ways to try and save time, space, money etc. I think the Trunki really does fill a gap in the market where there isn't anything remotely similar that can help parents are much. It's plastic, however it feels very strong and sturdy and it has a streamlined and stylish design."

Pros: Ride-on, plenty of designs to choose from, lightweight, durable, large capacity
Strap can feel a bit flimsy

Available from: Amazon and Trunki

2. Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase, £119.95

– Best multi-functional ride-on luggage

Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 suitcase

Capacity: 22 litres | Dimensions: L:27cm x W:44cm x H:60cm (Adjustable handle 85-109cm) | Weight: 4kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: Yes

Little legs can get tired walking around the airport, especially if you need to check your pushchair into the hold. So the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase is a fantastic option.

It’s a sleek piece of wheely hand luggage, which your child can ride on top of once they reach 18 months old. It’s '3 products in 1' because, as well as being a ride-on suitcase, the ride on part folds down to become a luggage-approved case which, depending on your airline, you can take on board with you. You can then remove the suitcase altogether and it becomes a slimline, foldable trike. It has a 20kg weight limit too, which is one of the highest for ride-on options on our list.

It has an adjustable handle which suits growing children but, unlike the Mountain Buggy Skyrider Luxury, little ones aren't strapped in. It's also easier to keep under control compared to a Trunki, because the handle is solid. You can choose from Teal Green or Violet Pink.

Pros: 3 different uses, ride-on, high weight limit, large capacity, adjustable handlebar
Cons: Expensive, no strap for child when being used as a ride-on

Available from: Micro

3. Boppi Tiny Trekker, £49.99

— Best luggage for short trips

Boppi Tiny Trekker tester image

Capacity: 17 litres | Dimensions: L:22cm x W:30cm x H:42cm (handle height 60-72cm) | Weight: 1.5kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: No

These adorable pull-along luggage options from family-run brand Boppi come in a range of 12 cute designs including Dinosaur, Unicorn, Robot, Aeroplane and Tiger. There is a double-zipped inner compartment for smaller and loose items, and the adjustable, walk-along handle has 2 heights to choose from. It also has a free-stand stopper that will keep it standing upright when stationary.

At 1.5kg, it's the lightest option on our list, so your toddler will find it easy to pull it along on their travels — and the cute design means they will have great fun showing it off. However, it also has the smallest capacity, so may be more suited to shorter trips or UK breaks — particularly as it has no ride-on option to help tired legs on long journeys or in the airport. Although it's lightweight, it has a durable and robust exterior casing to protect your child's valuables.

MFM Head of Consumer Content Christy, who tested the Boppi Tiny Trekker with her 3-year-old son (pictured) said "It's a really sturdy case, with a tough shell, that can really handle being pulled along by a toddler. It's not huge, but I can fit all his essentials for a weekend trip inside and the cute design makes packing and pulling it more fun for him. It trundles along easily and the handle height is just high enough for me to pull, as well as working very well for him – he really enjoys pulling it around."

Pros: Plenty of designs to choose from, adjustable handle, lightweight, durable
Limited capacity, no ride-on option

Available from: Amazon and Next

4. Cabin Max Bear Children's Trolley Bag, £44.95

– Best luggage for maximum space

Tester picture of child with Cabin Max backpack

Capacity: 30 litres | Dimensions: L:20cm x W:35cm x H:45cm | Weight: 1.9kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: No

If your kids feel they're too old to be pulled around on a ride-on suitcase, you can give them some independence with the Cabin Max Bear Children's Trolley Bag. It can be carried as a rucksack, but if it gets too heavy they can pull it along instead. Unlike others, including the Micro Eazy Ride-on 3-in-1 Suitcase, it has handy pouches to give easy access to drinks – and there's a compartment on the back for your child's favourite teddy or doll, too – a very cute touch.

It has a super spacious 30-litre capacity — the biggest on our list — and the bag itself is lightweight and can fit under the seat in front of you on the plane, so you can keep all of your child's essentials close to hand when travelling. Parent tester Hannah, who tested the bag with her 5-year-old son Noah (pictured), said that it "had capacity for literally everything Noah needed for going on a sunny beach holiday abroad. It managed to fit 10 different outfit changes all consisting of shorts and t-shirts, swimwear and underwear as well as a poncho towel and his mask and snorkel kit. We also packed 2 A4 activity packs white fit no problem at all. We used the front compartment for snacks and smaller toys." The smaller, front compartment can also be detached for easy access to snacks and toys which can be especially useful if you've stored the full bag in the overhead compartment.

Hannah was also impressed by how lightweight and easy to use the bag was, saying that "even once fully packed, my son could either pull it along using the top handle or carry it on his back. The adjustable handle made it easy for a child or adult to roll the bag and it moved over pavements and grass perfectly." The bag comes in blue or pink.

Pros: Large capacity, backpack and wheeled-suitcase, drinks pouch and teddy compartment, lightweight
Cons: No ride-on option, not many design options to choose from

Available from: Amazon and Cabin Max

5. Mountain Buggy Skyrider Luxury, £159

– Best ride-on luggage for younger children

Tester picture of Mountain Buggy Skyrider luggage

Capacity: Not specified | Dimensions: L:57cm x W:26cm x H:40cm | Weight: 3kg (3.5kg with seat) | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: Yes

This sleek and roomy, 4-wheel carry-on case turns into a travelling seat for little ones up to 15kg. Although it has a smaller weight limit than the Micro Eazy ride-on (15kg compared with 20kg), it comes with an easily removable, plush lined seat and 3-point safety harness, so it's a better option for younger children. Parent tester Natalie, who tested the Skyrider Luxury with her 3-year-old son and 21-month-old daughter Emilia (pictured), said that "the seat was comfortable for my baby to sit on in long queues in the airport and for getting on/off the plane. It was actually so comfortable that my 3 year old fell asleep sitting on it. It also doubled up as a seat when eating in busy restaurants in the airport."

It's lightweight (even with the seat unit), comes with a build-in security lock and has great manoeuvrability with a foot brake for extra safety. Natalie also said the Skyrider Luxury was "easy to manoeuvre on most surfaces. It was so handy for wheeling baby off the plane and through the airport. It's a decent size inside — we put 2 children's backpacks in there."

However, she did warn that "it can be a little difficult to move over dips in the ground and when moving from one surface to another. Also, the zip pull sometimes got stuck near the wheel."

Pros: Ride-on, suitable for younger children, removable seat with harness included
Expensive, only suitable until 15kg as a ride-on, only 1 design option

Available from: Mountain Buggy and Kiddies Kingdom

6. Samsonite Dream Rider Spinner, £85

– Best sturdy ride-on luggage


Capacity: 28 litres | Dimensions: L:22cm x W:51cm x H:37cm | Weight: 1.93kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: Yes

Similar to the Trunki, the Dream Rider Spinner range from Samsonite offers vibrantly coloured ride-on cases, such as Tiger Toby (pictured), Puppy P and Zebra Zeno.

They cost a little more, but they do offer much more space inside – 28-litre capacity compared to an 18-litre capacity with the Trunki, despite having a similar weight. Although it is lightweight, it's also sturdy and durable with hard side construction and proves extremely resistant to accidental bumps. The case is suitable for 3-8 year olds. Like the Trunki, it has a removable shoulder strap that can be used to pull along your child, or carry it around easily.

Pros: Ride-on, plenty of designs to choose from, lightweight, large capacity
Cons: Expensive, strap can feel a bit flimsy

Available from: Samsonite and Luggage Superstore

7. Stokke JetKids BedBox, £179

– Best ride-on luggage for added extras

stokke jetkids suitcase

Capacity: 20 litres | Dimensions: L:20cm x W:46cm x H:36cm | Weight: 3kg (including mattress) | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: Yes

This clever luggage option from Stokke is a ride-on, carry-on and sleep-on suitcase all-in-one. Your child can pack their essentials, ride on it through the airport and then, once on the plane, the box turns into a seat extender that, depending on your child's age and height, allows them to use it as an in-flight bed or footrest. The included machine-washable mattress and soft side panels provide extra comfort.

It fits most standard economy seats in aircrafts and has been officially approved for use by some airlines, such as Virgin Atlantic. There are a range of colour options to choose from including Blue Sky, Green Aurora and Pink Lemonade and there are 2 sheets of decorative stickers included so you can child can personalise their luggage.

When being used as a ride-on, there's a top handle to hold onto and a foot ledge to provide comfort for your child if you're pulling them along. The adjustable strap included allows you or your child to pull the BedBox along, or carry it over your shoulder. However, our testers thought that the strap was quite flimsy and easily hit the back of their feet when they were pulling it along.

The case itself is compact and parent tester Anita, who tested the JetKids BedBox with her 2-year-old and 4-year-old children warns that it may not be spacious enough to fit everything you need: "Because this luggage is also intended as a foot rest, it comes with padding to put on the seat, so that already took a chunk of space. Capacity wise, it is no replacement for your carry-on luggage. No matter how small, a carry-on can hold more than this. I tried to fit a few nappies, changes of clothes and a couple of activities for a 6 hour flight for 2 kids. Having said that, if you're flying fewer hours, if you only have 1 kid, it may be OK."

Pros: Can use as an in-flight bed or footrest, lots of colour options, ride-on
Strap can be flimsy, expensive, mattress takes up space inside

Available from: Stokke and Natural Baby Shower

8. it Luggage Children's 4-wheel Soft Cabin Suitcase, £35

— Best lightweight luggage with great capacity

it Luggage Children's suitcase unicorn and dinosaur designs

Capacity: 23 litres | Dimensions: L:20cm x W:29.5cm x H:46cm | Weight: 1.95kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: No

This ultra-lightweight suitcase is a great option for older kids who want to get involved with packing and then carry their own bags — at 1.95kg it's one of the lightest options on our list, It's also deceptively roomy, with 23 litres of space to fit your child's travel essentials.

Although lightweight, it's durable. It has a tough fibreglass structure that will withstand bumps and is really built to last. Inside is a flat packing interior and there's a zipped pocket on the front to keep airport essentials close to hand as you're travelling. The adjustable handlebar and 4 swivel wheels make it easy for your child to push it through the airport. It's even light enough to be carried if needed, with accessible handles on the top and side of the case.

At £35, it's also the most affordable option on our list and offers really great value considering its sturdiness, capacity and great features. There are 2 cute embossed designs to choose from: pink unicorn or green dinosaur (both pictured).

Pros: Large capacity, good value, lightweight, durable
Cons: Only 2 design options, no ride-on option

Available from: Argos

9. Zinc Flyte 18in Case Scooter, from £95.99

– Best luggage for older children

Zinc Flyte Frazer the Fox

Capacity: 25 litres | Dimensions: (Scooter unfolded) L:60cm x W:33cm x H:75cm (Scooter folded) L:626m x W:33cm x H:48cm | Weight: 3.5kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: Yes

You won’t have to worry about constantly calling 'keep up!' if your child is zooming through the airport on a Zinc Flyte case scooter.

It has a generous 25-litre capacity, making it roomier than a Trunki and it's a great choice for children seeking independence. It also folds down neatly, making it suitable as carry-on luggage. It's suitable from 4 year old, but unlike the Cabin Max Bear Children’s Trolley Bag, which is suitable for 3 years+, your child won't have to carry or pull the weight of the bag – they can just scoot. The case itself is waterproof, has a soft, squashy front and can be pulled as a suitcase if your child gets tired of scooting. The scooter has a safety lock, printed grips made for little hands and a rear brake.

There are a number of adorable designs to choose from, including Luca the Llama, Luna the Unicorn, Stormy the Shark and Frazer the Fox (pictured).

Pros: Ride-on, plenty of designs to choose from, large capacity, can be pulled along if your child doesn't want to scoot
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Amazon and Zinc Sports

10. Samsonite Disney Ultimate, 2.0, £105

– Best luggage for Disney fans

Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2.0

Capacity: 20.5 litres | Dimensions: L:23cm x W:32cm x H:46.5cm | Weight: 1.7kg | Wheels: Yes | Ride-on: No

Mickey and Minnie fans will love pulling these wheely carry-on cases around the airport. Another pick from Samsonite, the cases have an eye-catching design as well as being easy to manoeuvre and excellent quality.

At 1.7kg, it weighs the same as a Trunki but has slightly more storage space inside (20.5 litres). It's also one of the more expensive options, more than double the price of the Cabin Max Bear Children's Trolley Bag or the Trunki. However, you can expect the durability associated with a brand like Samsonite. There are 3 designs to choose from, Mickey & Donald, Minnie Mouse and Spider-man, and you can buy matching backpacks, too.

Pros: Large capacity, durable, lightweight
Cons: Expensive, no ride-on option

Available from:Amazon, Samsonite and Luggage Superstore




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