Rihanna to adopt?

The Umbrella singer has allegedly decided she wants to adopt a Haitian orphan...and guess who the godparents will be!


Superstar Rihanna has revealed she wants to become a mum, by adopting an orphan from the Caribbean island of Haiti.


“She’s dead-set on becoming a mom (sic) to a child from Haiti, and she’s just had lawyers make contacts,” a source said, reports Showbiz Spy.

“Rihanna doesn’t see herself having a biological child anytime soon because she doesn’t have a man in her life – plus, after all of the drama with Chris Brown, she’s suspicious of guys. But mainly, she says, she needs to make her life less about her and more about someone else,” the source added.

It seems as if Rihanna has become broody ever since Jay-Z announced he was having a baby with wife, Beyonce. “She’s getting enthusiastic support from mentor, Jay-Z, and wife Beyonce and asked them to be godparents!” said the source.

This news comes after Rihanna revealed how frightened she was of childbirth in a radio interview in May 2010.

“I’m really scared of the actual childbirth situation. But I do want to become a mum one day. Even if I have to adopt, I want to be a mum,” Rihanna said at the time.

However not everyone thinks Rihanna would be a good role model for kids. Spice Girl Mel C recently criticised Rihanna’s sexual dance moves and said she believes Rihanna should tone it down for her young fans.

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