Why Sam Faiers doesn’t sleep in the same bed as boyfriend Paul

The reality star mum's candid confession probably seems pretty normal to a lot of us...


Fans of The Mummy Diaries might’ve been surprised to hear mum-of-2 Sam Faiers, and boyfriend Paul Knightley, discussing their sleep arrangements ???


In the latest episode of the ITVBe reality show, 27-year-old Sam revealed that she and Paul aren’t currently sharing the same bed – instead kipping in their kids’ rooms until they’re both sleeping through the night.

One clip from the ep showed Sam asking Paul when she thinks they’ll be back in their own bed, together:

“I estimate about 3 years. I miss cuddling you in bed, it feels weird, don’t you think?”

The former TOWIE star then told Lorraine: “We are [sleeping separately], yes. Anything for sleep, we’re like, let’s do it! I co-sleep with Rosie and Paul sleeps with baby Paul. But we’re all getting sleep in our house.”

paul rosie faiers

She added: “There was a story that I’ve kicked Paul out of bed for 3 years. That’s not entirely true. “But as long as it takes until the kids are both sleeping through the night. Well, Paul is, but Rosie… then we’ll be alright.”

(We should quickly note that we don’t know whether Sam actually means co-sleeping here, or if she just means she’s sleeping in the same room as 4-month-old Rosie. If you want to co-sleep, make sure to check out the official Lullaby Trust safety advice.)

Mind, Sam’s not the only star to confess to separate beds for mums and dad.

Prior to expecting their 3rd baby, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher also ‘fessed up to sleeping apart.

They’d even set up little mattresses for themselves in both Buzz and Buddy’s rooms ???

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