School uniform prices hit rock bottom

With supermarkets entering the school uniform market, this year’s price war offers the cheapest prices possible


Children in Scotland are returning to school this week and around the rest of the UK us parents are beginning to think about kitting out our children for the new school year. And it’s good news for those of us on a tight budget, as school uniform prices have hit their lowest level ever, according to the BBC.


The UK’s big supermarkets – Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – have joined more traditional uniform retailers such as Marks & Spencer, launching ranges of clothing items that make up the generic school uniform. Black or grey trousers can be had for £2 and white shirts are selling at just £1.

Though the shops won’t be making much money on these items, they hope that these bargains will tempt parents through the doors, where they will spend more money on higher priced items.

The news of this price war comes just after it was revealed that the cost of other necessities for parents, such as baby food, has increased 21% since 2007.

However, not all uniforms cost so little. Prices at specialist uniform suppliers for schools with more particular uniform requests are much higher than the supermarkets. Plus, uniform quality has deteriorated in the last decade. “Children run around in these things, rip holes in them, and they fall apart anyway,” said Neil Saunders, from Verdict Research. “As long as it lasts a term or half a year, parents are quite satisfied with that.”


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