When it comes to kitting your child out with their school uniform, school shoes prove to be one one of the most difficult items to buy. They're not only one of the most expensive items you have to purchase, but they also seemingly last the least amount of time.


When you're trying to find the right shoes for your child, there is so much to consider and you want to ensure that you find a pair that not only fit your child well and are comfortable on their feet, but also a pair that will last more than the first few weeks of term — you also, of course have to make sure that they're within your budget.

We surveyed over 800 parents of school-age children and asked them about their experience of buying school uniform — including school shoes — and have used their responses to roundup the 10 best school shoe retailers for 2023 that will suit a variety of needs and a range of budgets. We've considered the size and width options that each retailer provides, the range of styles available plus what type of fitting services they offer so you can make an informed decision about the best place to buy school shoes for your child.

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Best school shoe retailers — at a glance

  • Best all-round school shoe retailer: Clarks, from £38
  • Best school shoe retailer for sustainable options: Schuh, from £22
  • Best school shoes for fun designs: Deichmann, from £14.99
  • Best school shoes for support: Start-Rite, from £36
  • Best supermarket retailer for school shoes: George at Asda, from £6
  • Best school shoe retailer for variety: Next, from £8
  • Best for timeless school shoes: Marks & Spencer, from £18
  • Best school shoes for durability: Kickers, from £30
  • Best school shoes for all seasons: Geox, from £42.50 — Girls and Boys
  • Best budget school shoe retailer: Shoe Zone, from £7.99

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Where can I buy school shoes?

School shoes are available from a variety of different retailers including supermarkets, high street chains, independent stores, online retailers and specialist school uniform stores. Some have larger ranges available than others and some retailers will sell their own branded school shoes plus a range of other brands too.

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What should I look for when choosing school shoes?

Fit – Obviously the most important factor is how well the shoes fit your child. It's recommended that you get your child's feet measured every time you buy shoes — especially school shoes – and doing this in store is the best option. However, most retailers now also offer online guides that explain how to measure your child's feet and you can even buy foot gauges that you can use to measure your child's feet at home if you're struggling to make an appointment.

Comfort – Shoes should be well-fitting but comfortable with some room to grow, which is why in-store fitting appointments can be really useful. Different shoe styles will suit different children, particularly if they have narrow or wide feet, high arches, or other specific requirements. Look for quality materials that soften with wear, and avoid too many details or straps that could rub or itch.

Durability – The dream is a pair of shoes that fit your budget but will also last more than a few weeks before getting damaged. More expensive shoes often are more durable and long-lasting so it may be worth investing in a brand that is known to be robust, but there are also budget options with good features, such as rubber toe protection and scuff-resistant finishes that can prolong life.

Fastening – hook and loop riptape, lace ups, buckles, laces with zips: shoes come with all kinds of fastenings. You should consider how easy the shoe will be for your child to take on and off themselves, especially if they're younger or have issues fastening laces or doing complicated fastenings.

Style – It's easier than ever to find a pair of shoes that shows off your child's personality, and a pair of shoes they love is a pair of shoes they'll look after! From butterfly and football embellishments to light-up soles and even licensed, character themed school shoes such as Disney or Marvel, there's a lot on offer, but do check your school's uniform policy before buying.

Price – Unsurprisingly, the price of school shoes varies greatly. Out of the 801 parents we surveyed, 27% told us that they spend between £20-£29 on one pair, while 26% that told us they spend between £30-£39. Prices at supermarkets and some high street chains can start at less than £10, whereas more specialist shoe retailers have prices starting at around £40-£60. We've aimed to include a wide variety of prices in our list to reflect different budgets, but as noted above, cheaper school shoes can fall apart more quickly and you may find yourself having to replace them more often.

For more information, check out our article on how to check if your child is wearing the correct footwear.

How many pairs of shoes will my child need each year?

Most parents will buy a new pair of school shoes for the start of the new school year, but these are not necessarily guaranteed to last until the following summer. 45% of parents told us that they buy 2 pairs of school shoes for each child per year, with the main reasons for needing to replace them being that they've grown out of them or the shoes have become damaged. As children's feet grow so quickly — especially when they're younger — you should be prepared to replace their shoes quite regularly. If your child is quite active and is running around a lot in them, then understandably their shoes may fall apart or start to look worn more quickly.

When should I replace my child's school shoes?

We spoke to Clarks' foot fitting manager Bob Hardy, who has helped to design Clarks shoes for over 40 years, and asked him when parents should replace their children's school shoes. He told us, "it varies depending on how old your child is and how active. If the shoes are not worn out you can always take your child back to the store to check if the shoes are still the right size. If they are, you won't need to buy a new pair until the ones you have are too small."

So, how fast will your child outgrow their shoes? Bob told us that "there's a big variation for different children. On average, they may grow 2 full sizes a year until they're 4 or 5, and then around a shoe size each year until their mid-teens. The most important thing about shoes is that they need to be proportioned properly. Don't buy a size up because the shoes will be disproportionate to the foot shape."

Due to a variety of reasons, there's no getting away from the fact that you will be buying school shoes quite regularly for your child so getting the right pair is really important so you don't have to replace them more than is necessary.

Do I need to get my child's feet measured in store?

As children's feet grow so fast, it's really important to get their feet measured every time you buy new shoes to ensure that the new pair are comfortable and fit correctly. As Bob Hardy told us, the number 1 tip for selecting the right shoes is to "get your child's feet professionally measured. The first thing to remember is how much wear your children will get out of their shoes. An average child will wear their school shoes for 1,000 hours and take one million steps before they wear out. So the shoes need to be comfortable and durable. Less than a third of children are a standard fitting, so you should look for ranges of shoes that accommodate half sizes and different widths."

At MadeForMums, we have always supported the advice from The Royal College of Podiatry that children should have their feet measured professionally for the most long-lasting supportive fit. Out of the 801 parents we surveyed, 62% told us that they opt for an in-store fitting before buying their children's school shoes.

Stores like Clarks and M&S offer in-store fitting services, but if you aren't able to make it into a store there are multiple ways that you can measure your child's feet accurately at home — from free printable measuring guides, technology that can provide the correct fit from a photograph, to foot gauges that you can buy and use at home.

Here's our pick of the best school shoes for 2023

1. Clarks, from £38

— Best all-round school shoe retailer

Clarks Jazzy Jig Kid shoes

Sizes: Infant 7 to Adult 10, half sizes available | Widths available: Narrow, standard, wide and extra wide | Fitting service available: Yes, at home or in store | Range: Over 90 girls styles, over 60 boys styles available | Price range: £38-£56 | Buy: In store, online and selected retailers

With over 200 years of expertise, it's no surprise that Clarks remains a firm favourite amongst parents for the best place to buy school shoes. We surveyed 801 parents with school-age children from across the UK and over 50% told us that they buy their children's school shoes from Clarks. Clarks' school shoes are known for their durability: the shoes are made from robust materials and have hardwearing soles. Clarks also says that its school shoes must pass 60 rigorous tests to ensure they're designed to last. As Amy, a member of our Top Testers Club, attests to: "my son has just finished reception and his shoes from Clarks lasted all year."

Clarks offers a huge variety of school shoes — not just different styles and designs, but also an impressive range of width options and half sizes to ensure you can find the best fit for your child. There are several different fastening styles available such as laces and zips, but the most popular understandably being handy riptape straps. There are also plenty of other helpful features to choose from too, such as machine washable pairs, odour-free options and shoes made from recycled materials and ones that use responsible leather.

Some of the most popular designs include the patent leather Jazzy Jig Kid for girls (pictured) at £44 which are smart and stylish with an antibacterial lining and a super-soft foam footbed. The Clowder Sprint Kid trainer style shoes for boys at £47 are also a popular choice — they are breathable, lightweight, durable and feature cool reflective webbing tabs. Clarks also has popular plimsolls that start at around £10.

As well as the robustness of their shoes, Clarks is also popular amongst parents due to their fitting service. You can book a measure and fit appointment for your child's feet at any Clarks store and this can be easily booked online (Clarks also offers Quiet Time appointments which take place with fewer crowds, noise and bright lights but these must be booked by calling your chosen store). Alternatively, Clarks also sells foot gauges and has a handy online guide that talks you through how to measure your child's feet if you would prefer to do it at home.

Pros: Durable, long-lasting, in-store fitting service, variety of fitting services available, multiple widths
Cons: Expensive

Buy now: Clarks

2. Schuh, from £22

— Best school shoe retailer for sustainable options

2 Schuh Lord Leather shoes

Sizes: Infant 4 to Adult 12, half sizes available | Widths available: Standard and wide fit | Fitting service available: Yes, at home or in store | Range: Over 300 styles available including 95 from the Schuh brand | Price range: £24-£38 for Schuh brand | Buy: In store and online

High street retailer Schuh not only sells shoes from popular brands such as Adidas, Dr. Martens, Geox, Kickers, Lelli Kelly and Nike, but they also have an impressive range of their own branded range of school shoes too. The Schuh brand offers the classic designs of school shoes that you would expect — loafers, brogues, T-bars, moccassins, trainers and ballerina styles — and most tend to be plain leather or patent without too many extra details or embellishments. Plus, nearly 2/3 of their styles are Vegan friendly and they have a good range of sustainable options, too.

Although the designs are simple, a lot of the shoes Schuh offers include effective features. One of their more popular styles, the black Lyric shoes for girls (£32) have a sturdy rubber outsole, have been treated with scuff resistant technology and feature a memory foam insole — plus they're vegan friendly and made from sustainable materials. Similarly for boys, the Lord Leather style at £36 (pictured) features a slip-resistant outsole which will be extra welcome on the playground — plus extra comfort memory foam insoles.

In terms of finding the correct fit, Schuh offers both an in-store fitting service as well as multiple online options. All Schuh stores that sell their kids shoes have experienced staff that are trained to offer an expert fitting service in under 20 minutes. If you prefer to shop online, Schuh has an array of options too: you can either download and print out the measuring guide, or you can get a size recommendation for Schuh branded shoes using the handy online tool, FitFinder. This calculates what size your child will need based on a pair of shoes they already wear from another brand such as Nike, Skechers or Converse. Unfortunately, if you need a wide fitting option then Schuh may not be the best retailer to visit — at time of writing there were only 6 Wide Fit options available.

What is also handy about Schuh is that you can click and collect your selected pair in as little as 20 minutes from a Schuh store.

Pros: Good range of different brands, own brand has good sustainable options, simple designs, variety of fitting services available including in-store
Cons: Limited wide fit options

Buy now: Schuh

3. Deichmann, from £14.99

— Best school shoes for fun designs

Graceland Deichmann shoes

Sizes: Infant 5 to Adult 12, half sizes available | Widths available: Only standard fit | Fitting service available: Prinatable fitting guide | Range: 417 styles available, included 101 from Deichmann-exclusive brands | Price range: £14.99-£34.99 for Deichmann brand | Buy: In store or online

Deichmann, like Schuh, also sells a really impressive selection of school shoe brands such as Kickers, Adidas, Hugh Puppies, Clarks and Start-Rite — with over 400 different styles to choose from. They also stock brands exclusive to Deichmann — Bobbi-Shoes, Cupcake Couture, Graceland and Memphis One — that offer great value school shoes at a budget price. Starting at just £14.99, there are plenty of designs to choose from including both sporty and classic styles, as well as pairs with fun details such as animal and sport decals and light up shoes, too.

The Cupcake Couture range includes cute pairs designed for younger girls with glossy leather finishes and cute animal prints whereas the Graceland shoes are made for slightly older girls and include more classic styles such as loafers, T-bars and brogues. For younger boys, Deichmann offers the Bobbi-Shoes range which features shoes with dinosaur icons and easy touch fastenings. They also have Memphis One shoes which also feature cool decals and easy fastening options as well as more classic, formal styles. The Memphis One Sporty Twin Strap shoes are a great option, they're easy to fasten, sturdy and smart plus they have a cushioned inner to provide extra comfort.

Many of their school shoes have Microfresh technology which provides an anti-bacterial treatment and some have comfortable memory foam inners and scuff-resistant treatment, too. Helpfully, Deichmann does offer half sizes in some styles but there are no wide fit options available in any of their exclusive brands. There is a fitting guide available that you can download online, but they do not offer any fitting service in store.

Pros: Affordable, good range of different brands, lots of fun designs to choose from
May not be as durable as other brands, no in-store fitting service

Buy now: Deichmann

4. Start-Rite, from £36

— Best school shoes for support

Start Rite Poppy design

Sizes: Infant 2 to Adult 11, half sizes available | Widths available: Narrow, standard, wide and extra wide | Fitting service available: Multiple online options | Range: 95 styles available | Price range: £36-£66 | Buy: In store, online and selected retailers

Start-Rite shoes are durable, practical and have been thoughtfully engineered to provide long-lasting comfort and protection for growing feet. The lightweight soles are flexible and have been expertly designed to help your child's feet to perform naturally at each stage of their development. Plus, the fabrics used are suited to the movement that children's feet naturally follow. Also, with nearly 100 styles to choose from you'll be sure to pick a style that suits your child — whether you're looking for brogues, slip ons, lace-ups, T-bars or trainer designs.

Although they're one of the more expensive styles, the Rhino Warrior shoe for boys at £60 remain one of the most popular designs, and so many of Start-Rite's appealing features are included in them. They're very robust, have breathable mesh linings and scuff-resistant toe and heel bumpers. Plus, the ankle area is padded to provide support and the insole is removable, too. They also have a riptape fastening making them easy for your child to fasten and adjust themselves. For girls, the classic Poppy design (pictured) comes in both leather and patent and offers a really simple option for girls without too many embellishments. Like the Rhino Warrior, the shoe has padded ankles and a riptape fastening plus leather linings that help keep children's feet dry and comfortable.

In terms of fitting, Start-Rite offers a measuring gauge for £8 that you can order online to measure your child's feet accurately. Alternatively, you can either download a free paper gauge online or use 'Click 'n' Fit' — this service uses photos of your child's feet to quickly tell you their Start-Rite size. You can choose from 4 different width options and there are half sizes available too so you can ensure you're getting the right fit for your child's feet. Once you have the shoes, there is also an expert guide that helps you check that the fit is accurate once the shoes arrive.

Although Start-Rite shoes are more expensive than options from retailers such as M&S or Schuh, parents believe that their durability and quality means that it's worth paying the difference. Parent tester Claire, who tested Start-Rite school shoes with her 8-year-old daughter told us, "Start-Rite shoes last the whole school year so although they are more expensive, the quality makes them worth it. My daughter said that they were so comfortable and I could see from how she walked in them that they fit really well and supported her feet. I like that her ankles are properly supported as this is so important when she's walking and running about for at least 6 hours a day in them."

Pros: Expertly designed, robust, comfortable, half sizes and different width options
Cons: Expensive, no in-store fitting service

Buy now: Start-Rite

5. George at Asda, from £6

— Best supermarket retailer for school shoes

Marvel Spider-Man Twin Strap Trainers

Sizes: Infant 8 to Adult 8 | Widths available: Standard or wide fit | Fitting service available: Online measuring guide only | Range: 78 styles available | Price range: £6-£21 | Buy: In store or online

If you're looking for a reliable pair of school shoes at a value price then George at Asda is a great option. Out of the parents we surveyed, it was the 2nd most popular retailer (after Clarks) and due to the price and variety of shoes offered at Asda, it's not hard to understand why. Although there aren't as many styles available at Asda when compared with retailers such as Start-Rite or Deichmann, they still stock an impressive range of their own branded shoes in a good amount of different designs.

For girls, you can choose from ballet shoes, brogues, Mary Janes and penny loafers plus shoes with bows and butterfly or flower detailing and even shoes with Disney characters on such as Minnie Mouse. For boys, there is a choice of classic and sporty styles, lace up trainers, moccasins and even light up and superhero character options too.

One of the most popular styles for boys is the Marvel Spider-Man Twin Strap Trainers which start from £17. Not only do they have a (subtle) character design, but there is an easy fastening hook and loop tape strap, a chunky gripped sole, under foot padding and recycled lining. Plus, importantly, they're scuff resistant. For girls, one of the most popular designs is the super simple, classic Mary Jane style that starts at £14. They're patent leather and have many of the same features as the Marvel shoes, such as a scuff-resistant finish, easy fastening and a gripped chunky sole — plus Microfresh lining to keep the shoes fresher for longer. Asda also stocks black plimsolls that start at £4.

Asda doesn't offer any type of fitting service, but does have an online Shoe Size Foot Measuring Guide that demonstrates how to measure your child's feet at home. There is also a helpful gauge on each shoe online that details whether parents think the shoe comes up small or large. There are some wide fit options available — 9 for girls and 7 for boys — but this is not across every style and there is no narrow or extra wide option.

Pros: Affordable, good range of styles available
Limited width options available, no in-store fitting service

Buy now: George at Asda

6. Next, from £8

— Best school shoe retailer for variety

Mary Jane Next shoes

Sizes: Infant 3 to Adult 12 | Widths available: Narrow, standard, wide and extra wide | Fitting service available: Multiple online options | Range: 1216 styles available including 295 from Next brand | Price range: £8-£46 for Next brand | Buy: In store or online

With a truly impressive range of over 1200 school shoes available online, Next is a great retailer to shop for school shoes at if you're looking for a specific design or style. They stock some of the most popular school shoe brands such as Clarks, Kickers, Start Rite, Hush Puppies and Geox but also have 295 styles of their own brand shoes to choose from too.

Unsurprisingly, there are a wealth of styles available from the Next brand including loafers, lace-ups, Mary Janes, brogues, T-Bars, trainers and more. Plus, there are plenty of design options to choose from too including chunky soles, butterfly and flower detailing, light up soles and even superhero-themed shoes. Next also stocks black plimsolls, starting at £6.

The most popular girls shoes are the trusted Mary Jane style with a patent finish, chunky sole and a decorative bow on the strap. They start at £26 so are definitely not the cheapest on our list, but you can expect the quality to be high. The soles are hard-wearing, they're scuff resistant and are cushioned for extra comfort. They're also designed to be easy to take on and off with a touch and close fastening. For boys, the popular Black Leather Single Strap Shoes are also scuff-resistant and have an adjustable strap that makes getting them on and off easy for your child. There's also a padded collar to provide extra support and comfort.

Some school shoes are available in half sizes, a decent amount of shoes from Next are available in wide fit and there are extra options such as narrow and extra wide available, too. There is a detailed online guide explaining how to measure and fit your child's feet at home and you can choose between a free printable tool or you can buy a Measuring Tool. The guide also explains how to check that the shoes are the correct fit once they have arrived. Once you've decided on the perfect school shoe for your child, you can use the free online Store Check & Reserve tool to collect them on potentially the same day.

Pros: Impressive selection of different brands and styles, lots of width options available, durable
Cons: No in-store fitting service, can be expensive

Buy now: Next

7. Marks & Spencer

— Best for timeless school shoes

Marks and Spencer leather lace up brogues

Sizes: Infant 8 to Adult 10, half sizes available | Widths available: Narrow, standard and wide fit available | Fitting service available: Available at selected M&S stores, online options available | Range: 154 styles including 67 from M&S | Price range: £18-£40 for M&S brand | Buy: Instore or online

Considering that M&S was awarded Best high street school uniform in the annual MFM school uniform test, it's no surprise that the quality and longevity of their uniform extends to include their school shoes, too. M&S sells a sizeable collection of its own branded shoes, as well as shoes from Clarks and Kickers.

Shoes from M&S have a ton of features that make them durable and comfortable including an antibacterial Freshfeet finish which will help your child's feet to feel fresher for longer. Other clever features you should look out for on their shoes include breathable, soft knit linings, underfoot padding for extra comfort, soft collar padding to prevent rubbing and Insolia technology that ensures supportive wear for young feet. As expected, there are a ton of design options and various styles on offer from M&S too including traditional styles such as brogues, loafers, T-Bars, trainers, Mary Janes and more — plus more novelty options such as Harry Potter and Frozen collections as well as shoes with light up soles.

One great traditional option is the Leather Lace-Up Brogues from M&S. These smart shoes have most of the features mentioned above such as a breathable lining, Freshfeet finish, Insolia technology and underfoot padding plus they have been made with quality leather. Or, if you're looking for a pair that will be easier for your child to put on and off themselves, there are plenty of great riptape options such as the Leather Freshfeet School Shoes, or the Patent Leather School Shoes which have a cute, glittery floral detailing on the toe. M&S also stocks black plimsolls from £7.

In terms of fitting, M&S is the only other retailer alongside Clarks on our list that offers a type of in-store fitting. It's available in 35 M&S stores and you can walk in but it's recommended that you book online in advance. Alternatively if you would prefer to measure your child's feet at home, you can follow the online guide that explains how to measure your child's feet, find their size and then check the fit correctly once the shoes arrive.

Pros: In-store fitting service available, durable, good width options available, great range of styles
Can be expensive

Buy from: Marks & Spencer

8. Kickers, from £30

— Best school shoes for durability

Kicker Unisex Kick Lo

Sizes: Infant 5 to Adult 12, half sizes available | Widths available: Standard fit only | Fitting service available: Online guide only | Range: 203 styles available | Price range: £30-£99 | Buy: Online and in selected retailers

Another stalwart of the school shoe world is Kickers. They've been making shoes for over 50 years and they remain a firm favourite amongst parents. Corinne, a member of our Top Testers Club told us "I swear by Kickers. My son's lasted all of last year and every break/lunch he’s playing football in them. Admittedly, they were worn by the end of year but we swear by them."

They are one of the more expensive brands on our list with the lowest price for girls being £30, and they start at a whopping £50 for boys. However, the quality is undeniable and the durable soles and leather uppers are sure to last. A lot of their shoes have some other great features too such as cushioned foam beds, mesh linings and padded heel collars to make sure that the shoes are comfortable for your child.

There are over 200 styles to choose from and there are a range of collections you can explore, too, including durable and scruff-proof, easy-fasten, vegan and sparkles, glitter and fun too. The most popular style of Kickers is the classic Unisex Kick Lo which is £60 — admittedly amongst the most expensive on our list. It's made from a recycled mesh lining and has a rubber sole with a lace up fastening. If you're looking for something that might be easier for your child to take on and off themselves, Kickers also have the Unisex Tovni Twin at £48 which has 2 hook and loop straps and a slip resistant sole so they're ready for the playground.

In terms of fitting, Kickers' measuring service is online only. They provide a free measuring guide which you can print out and use at home. Although Kickers does offer half sizes, they don't offer any alternatives to standard width so if your child has narrow or wide feet — they may not be the best option for you.

Pros: Durable, long-lasting, good range of designs and styles available including sustainable options
Cons: Expensive, no in-store fitting service, only standard width available

Buy now: Kickers

9. Geox, from £42.50

— Best school shoes for all weathers

Geox New Savage Abx Boy

Sizes: Infant 7 to Adult 10, half sizes available | Widths available: Standard fit only | Fitting service available: Online guide only | Range: 33 styles available | Price range: £42.50-£77.50 | Buy: In store or online

Geox has the most limited range available on our list and the shoes are amongst the most expensive but we think the technology used and the features included make the shoes worth it. They have all been designed with a system devised by Geox to provide great breathability, plus there's an antibacterial footbed that is removable on all of their shoes.

Despite its limited range, there are still tons of features, designs and different types of fastenings to choose from. Choose from slip ons, lace up trainers, loafers, formal lace up styles, chunky soles, ballerina flats and more. We're particularly impressed by designs such as the New Savage Abx Boy that is perfect for the winter months. The shoes are not only comfortable and breathable, but they are also made from a leather-effect material which is entirely waterproof. Plus, they have a cosy internal lining and excellent levels of thermal insulation which should keep feet warm and dry even in pouring rain.

Fitting again is online only, with an online guide advising you how to do it. Half sizes are available, but there are no options for narrow or extra wide fit.

Pros: Great technology, durable, robust, breathable, waterproof options
Only standard width available, no in-store fitting service, expensive, limited range

Buy from: Geox — Girls and Boys

10. Shoe Zone

— Best budget school shoe retailer

Shoe Zone Trux Finn

Sizes: Infant 4 to Adult 13, half sizes available | Widths available: Standard fit only | Fitting service available: No | Range: 244 styles to choose from | Price range: £7.99- | Buy: Instore or online

If you're looking for a pair of affordable school shoes to see your child through the rest of the term, then Shoe Zone is a really good option. It was one of the most popular retailers out of the parents that we surveyed and it offers reasonably good quality shoes at a bargain price.

There are plenty of budget styles to choose from, as well as more expensive brands such as Kickers, Hush Puppies and Geox. The more affordable styles do have some great features, such as breathable mesh linings and padded ankle collars. One of the most popular styles, the XL Stour Kids Butterfly Trainer has easy hook and loop straps, plus a chunky sole that provides great grip and a comfortable insole. For boys, the Trux Finn (pictured) style is a great option too. They also have easy fastening straps plus a padded insole and a gripped outsole which means they're ready to tackle the playground. Shoe Zone also stocks black plimsolls that start at just £2.99.

There isn't any in-store fitting service available and there's no online guide either so you definitely need to ensure your child's feet have been measured beforehand. There are half sizes available but there are no wide or narrow fit options.

Pros: Affordable, good range of different brands
Cons: May not be as durable and long-lasting as more expensive brands, no in-store fitting service

Buy from: Shoe Zone


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