Jack and Emily might still be the most popular names in Scotland – but a new list has revealed the choices of parents who wanted something a bit more, uhm...original. How do Spartacus, Sherlock, Hiya and Twinkle sound?


The National Records of Scotland have published a full list of forenames given to babies born in 2014. And it seems the referendum on Scotland's independence might have had an influence with 2 children named Freedom and 3 named Indy.

Other mums were influenced by their favourite TV show as 3 girls were named Khaleesi, inspired by hit TV show Game of Thrones. Others were named Thor after the Marvel comic book character.

See some of our picks of the most unusual names below:


  1. Bluebell-Fawn
  2. Juniper
  3. Jolynn-Diamond
  4. Maddyson-Dyamonds
  5. Thirteena-Starr
  6. Lilias-Anne
  7. Wynter-Lilly
  8. Tygar-Lilli
  9. Twinkle
  10. Halo-Heaven


  1. Arrlo
  2. Draven
  3. Daiquiri
  4. Emmett
  5. Spartacus
  6. Sherlock
  7. Hiya
  8. Nicholas-Darius
  9. Leonidas
  10. Dodge

What do you think of the names? Let us know in the comments below…

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