Special family portrait includes babies lost to miscarriage

The image has opened up a supporting pregnancy and infant loss discussion on Facebook


When this mum decided to have a family portrait with her son and partner, it felt as if something was missing. So Kathryn went to Deanndra, who runs DMX Photography with a “special request”.


“She and her husband longed for a family picture that showed their whole family of eight, preserving the precious memories of the five babies they’d lost due to miscarriage. This is the final image I put together for her. It took me a few days, this image weighed heavy on my heart, I can only imagine the suffering they endure on a day to day basis. My heart breaks for her and her family,” Deanndra posted on the DMX Photography Facebook page.

The portrait shows silhouettes of Kathryn’s lost children.

Since being shared on Facebook it has been liked more than 203,000 times.

Other women were quick to offer their support. “This brings tears to my eyes. I too have suffered through this loss and have struggled to find a way to commemorate them. This is by far, the most beautiful and touching for me. Better than any painting I’ve done, poem I have written, songs I have dedicated or tattoo I have designed,” one user commented.

“Amazing picture, my wife and I have lost 7 babies in marriage. After two rounds of IVF we were blessed with our first miracle girl, Ella Grace. Our second a few years later, Amelia Faith. And now our third girl without any treatments we welcome Olivia Suzanne to our family… only by God’s Grace were we ever able to carry a baby and keep them. But we will see them again someday,” another added.

This outpouring of experiences shows how some people are choosing to use social media as a platform to share memories of babies lost. Of course, everyone deals with grief differently and for others it’s still a very private thing. But either way, it’s positive that pregnancy and infant loss is being talked about publicly.

Photo: Facebook / DMX Photography

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