Stacey Solomon never fails to amaze us with her willingness to bare all in the name of mum-body positivity ?


The 28-year-old has gone even further than her funny bikini bod vid and ‘saggy maggy’ pics, posing for a completely unairbrushed, bikini shoot for Celebrity Secrets mag.

She’s even compared them to a heavily airbrushed version, side-by-side, so women can see the photo trickery that often goes on behind the scenes.

Stacey, who has 2 young sons, stunned in a lime green swimsuit, as she proudly displayed her (slight) mumtum for all to see. And doesn’t she look amazing?

stacey full tum

Meanwhile, the airbrushed version of the same pic shows already-slim Stacey looking even slimmer, her waist forced into an unnatural-looking curve...

airbrushed stacey solomon

You can see her skin’s been smoothed, her belly button’s been altered… and her face has been slimmed, too.

stacey back

In the unedited and edited pictures of her back, you can even see Photoshoppers have removed a distinctive mole from her back ???

“This is how scary airbrushing can be...” Stacey wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post, alongside the images.

“Just remember when you’re looking at someone’s post or in a mag or poster you might not be looking at real life images!

“I’m so proud of the interview and shoot I did with @celebritysecretsmag highlighting how dangerous this kind of body morphing is and why all bodies should be celebrated no matter what shape or size!

“I look better UN airbrushed in my opinion and love my natural lumps and bumps!

"If you want to see real women and read about not putting pressure on yourself this year pick up a copy of @ok_mag bumper pack and read celeb secrets mag!

“Love yourself because you’re perfect ?????????”

Well, these pics really go to show just how far airbrushing can go, don't they? Something we all know happens, but it really hits home when we see it like this…

Now, we hope this is never the case – but if you’re ever judging your mumbod and thinking you should look a certain way, we want you to remember Stacey’s photoshoot and the words she’s used to accompany it.

Remember that for everyone - celebs, Instagram stars, even your best mate - there’s a big difference between those glossy mag spreads, tweaked social media photos, the unedited originals and how it actually looks off camera, in real life.


Image: Celebrity Secrets/Richard Barr, Instagram/Stacey Solomon

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